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31/08/2012 02:44pm

Marie Tree

A big thank you to all the staff at Tile Barn who made our stay very enjoyable over the weekend of 25/08.

Johnny and Jethro were excellent instructors and guides and I really appreciate all their hard work.

I would recommend Tile Barn to anyone who wants to enjoy achieve and experience a superb time in the New Forest.



16/08/2012 03:40pm

Lee Thomas

Stayed here with three young children for nearly 2 weeks last summer. Excelent facilities, friendly very helpful staff, perfect location for exploring the whole of the southern part of the forest. In short - thoroughly recommended. 10/10



17/07/2012 10:44am

tom scantlebury

Tile Barn paddle power course for ks4 pupils was an enjoyable experience, all the pupils that took part enjoyed working with Charlotte and Dave and would love to do it again.



29/06/2012 02:41pm

Nathan Smith

Tents were a bit too small for a group of 4 and bug infestation let down. Activities were really fun and Jethro Hepworth was a great instructor as well as being extremely funny.



29/06/2012 11:28am

Elisha Davies

I love tile barn because it's a very nice enviroment. The fields have a lovely setting and nice space to play games. This camp site I would love to visit again as I've just arrived home with Crestwood College. Thank you for letting us all use the lovely tents and we all had a lovely time there with all of you.



25/06/2012 10:53am

Curtis Minchington

Tile barn is a caring loving place. The instructor are all so caring.



05/04/2012 05:22am

Craig Knott

I have just had the pleasure of staying at Tile Barn, as part of a DofE group, run by the Royal Marine Cadets, Portsmouth. As a person that camps usually in an 8man luxury tent with power hookup etc, I was so impressed with the facilities at Tile Barn. I have to say they are as good if not better than most sites where I pay a substantial price on a per person per night basis. Thank you to all of the staff that keep it this way. - CSgt Craig Knott RMVCC


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