Bus Stop Accessibility Improvements for Passengers

Real Time Information (RTI) screens are provided at all Eclipse branded shelter stops as well as within information pillars on the busway, Fareham Station southbound, Creek Road and at the bus station terminus points in Fareham and Gosport. Many have an aural mode function where a special RNIB React fob will be issued free of charge to blind and partially sighted passengers. On activation the screens will verbally confirm the next four buses to arrive. The RNIB React fob will work at any bus shelter fitted with a RTI display screen but is not available at bus stations.

Request a React fob for you or another person

Under the Accessibus banner as developed as part of The Star Clanfield to Portsmouth corridor (formally ZIP) Tick and Cross tactile signs are to be fitted to all Eclipse shelters. The Tick identifies the exit of the shelter, near the point where the bus will stop and passengers can access the door to the bus.

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