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Solent Transport

About the Solent TransportPartnership

From July 2014 Solent Transport is the new name for the Transport for South Hampshire and Isle of Wight (TfSHIoW) partnership.

The re-branding of the local authority partnership makes its area of operations clearer for residents, businesses and transport operators and better reflects its strategic transport work in the area. To date, Solent Transport has helped secure funding to deliver projects such as the Bus Rapid Transport scheme in Fareham, the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and Better Bus Area Fund.

As Solent Transport, the partnership continues to work closely with the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership, Highways Agency, Network Rail, South Hampshire Bus Operators Association and other shareholders, and to deliver transport improvements such as the links between Portsmouth and Southampton.


The members of the Partnership are:

  • Hampshire County Council
  • Portsmouth City Council
  • Southampton City Council
  • Isle of Wight Council

Any residual references to TfSH on these pages should now be taken to refer to Solent Transport, where the context is partnership activities and membership from March 2014.

Declarations of interest

The individuals who currently represent the members are listed below with links to pages which set out their declarations of interest.

Hampshire County Council: represented by Cllr Séan Woodward

  • Cllr Séan Woodward declarations of interest

Portsmouth City Council: represented by Cllr Ken Ellcome

Southampton County Council: represented by Cllr Jacqui Rayment

Isle of Wight Council: represented by Cllr Shirley Smart


In June 2014 Transport for South Hampshire and Isle of Wight assumed the new name of Solent Tranport.

In March 2013 Isle of Wight Council joined the Transport for South Hampshire partnership ("the Partnership"). The Partnership assumed the new name of Transport for South Hampshire and Isle of Wight.

Transport for South Hampshire was set up in 2007, following earlier work carried out by the voluntary Solent Travel Partnership, to plan transport improvements for the South Hampshire sub-region.

This section explains the background to the creation of the partnership and its vision to improve transport in the South Hampshire sub-region, and the partnership organisations involved in its work.

The establishment and operation of the partnership are governed by a legal agreement Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 1010kb. The agreement was considered and agreed by the Joint Committee on 16 October 2007 and was approved and sealed by the three constituent authorities of Hampshire County Council and Portsmouth and Southampton City Councils. Please note that some of the working groups detailed in the legal agreement have changed; for information about current working groups please see the partnerships page.