Solent Transport


The strategy has three key objectives: reduce, manage and invest.


‘Reduce’ means reducing our need for transport, and the private car in particular, by encouraging shorter journeys, and promoting cycling and walking.

We aim to ensure that new developments are created so that houses are positioned near shops and workplaces and are easily accessible by cyclists and pedestrians.

For further information, see the Reduce Strategy pages and to Professor Phil Goodwin’s independent peer review of the strategy.


‘Manage’ involves improving existing transport provision. For example, we commissioned studies of the M27 corridor to discover the cumulative impact of planned development and identify what interventions will be appropriate to mitigate congestion. Other possible improvements include the use of priority markings such as bus lanes to manage traffic flows, and traffic information display systems which show real time information and allow people to manage their journeys more effectively.


‘Invest’ is about creating new infrastructure to support planned growth.


The overall vision is to create a transport system for the sub-region that:

  • can cope with current and future transport requirements

  • will not have a detrimental affect on the area’s environment

  • will improve residents’ quality of life.