Inspection and Advisory Service (HIAS)

The RADE Centre

The Rights and Diversity Education (RADE) Centre, located in Winchester, provides resource enrichment and curriculum training and advice across the Equalities and United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child agendas. The RADE Centre is a prime source of support for teachers keen to develop work in RRR (Rights, respect and responsibilities, which includes gender and disability), equalities, cultural diversity, race equality and the global dimension.

We take a lead in tackling difficult issues while being reactive to a changing educational environment. We know that promoting equity and respect improves levels of attainment and participation for all pupils.

What services does the RADE Centre provide?

  • Extensive range of teaching packs on all National Curriculum topics.
  • Up-to-date collection of published reference material, especially  books, posters and packs.
  • Teaching materials for use at KS1 to KS4.
  • Loan service from library of books.
  • Loan of DVDs and videos.
  • ICT materials and access to Internet.
  • Artefact loan boxes and advice on using artefacts.
  • Materials to support literacy, eg: storybooks, big books.
  • Advice about local and national contacts.
  • Advice and training for schools and teachers.
  • Venue for teachers to visit and plan their work.
  • A telephone reference point for advice about issues concerning the curriculum.

Resources for citizenship across the curriculum

  • RRR and the global dimension.
  • Ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • Racism, stereotyping and discrimination.
  • Human rights.
  • What do schools say about the RADE Centre?

    “It is firmly embedded in our staff psyche to source our topics from the RADE Centre as it is a treasure trove of resources and information covering a range of issues associated with rights, diversity and community cohesion in the UK particularly.”
    Headteacher, Hale Primary School

    “After a brilliant in-service day at the RADE Centre, the staff were buzzing with excitement and new ideas for implementing across the curriculum!”
    Deputy Headteacher, St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School


Contact details

Tel/Fax:  01962 846745

RADE Centre
Falcon House
Monarch Way
Winchester  SO22 5PL