Hampshire County Council Tourism Section

We work closely with all local authorities in Hampshire and Tourism South East, the regional tourist board, to help ensure that tourism is supported throughout the county.

The role of the Tourism section

  • To generate jobs and creates business opportunities
  • Diversifies and supports the local economy
  • Offers a rewarding experience for the visitor and creates a positive image of the county
  • Adds to the variety of local life and widens opportunities for culture and recreation

Hampshire is the most visited county in the South East:

  • £2.70 billion is estimated to have been spent by day and staying visitors in Hampshire in 2014
  • The total value to the Hampshire economy, when including induced expenditure, was £3.26 billion in 2014
  • In 2014 67,200 individuals were employed in tourism in Hampshire, supporting 10% of the county’s employment
  • 4.1% of the Gross Value Added (GVA) to the Hampshire economy (£47.2 billion, in 2014) could be attributed to tourism (£1.92 billion, in 2013)

The County Council is also actively involved in encouraging appropriate hotel investment in Hampshire and identifying tourism trends within the county over time.

These pages provide industry information about tourism in Hampshire, suitable for tourism businesses and potential investors, press, travel trade and students.


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