Walking in Hampshire

Hythe and Dibden Circular Walk 1

Distance: 1.75km / 1 mile,  20 minutes
Condition: Good, mostly along pavements
Starting Point: Hythe Pier

Route map

Pier was built in 1880 at a cost of £7,000, since 1922 the little electric train has been busily conveying ferry passengers along its 700 yards of track making it Britain's oldest continuously operating pier train.

Hythe grew up as a settlement of fishermen, ferrymen and farmers who lived around a tidal lagoon with a very narrow entrance through which small boats could pass to moor in the sheltered water.

These natural features made Hythe an ideal place for a ferry link between the New Forest and Southampton.

Download Circular Walk 1 leaflet 307kb pdf


The route

  • Starting at the pier, turn left into High Street and walk along until you reach a T junction.
  • Turn left to the water front, cross road, turn right and follow gravel path. Bear right and continue on gravel path leading through the trees. Take the first right off the path and cross the road.
  • Turn left and follow pavement around to the right. At the information board turn left, crossing St Johns Street and onto The Marsh.
  • Use the pedestrian crossing and continue ahead through the Pylewell Precinct. Take a right turn just before you reach the Library and at the junction with School Road turn left.
  • Continue ahead and over the level crossing, take the next road junction to the right and walk on until reaching Jones Lane.
  • Turn right and follow the path up over the Railway Bridge. Cross Brinton Lane and continue along until you reach the Police Station. Follow the path to the right into Prospect Place.
  • Continue past the small park by the waterfront and you are back to the pier.