Walking in Hampshire

Hythe and Dibden circular walk 3

Distance: 1.75km / 1mile,  25 minutes
: Good, mostly gravel paths, unsurfaced paths may become muddy after heavy rain
Starting Poin
t: Noadswood School

This route takes you into an area of native woodland with species such as chestnut, beech and oak. Invasive species such as the rhododendron are controlled to maintain a rich habitat. While you are walking look out for greater spotted and green woodpeckers, tawny owls and treecreepers all of which inhabit these woodlands. The ponds and marshes are also abundant with wildlife including mayfly, water boatman, toads and coots which find refuge amongst the many water and marsh plants.

Download Circular Walk 3 leaflet 264kb pdf


The route

  • Starting from Noadswood School. Cross North Road and follow Nash Road. Cross over Blenheim Gardens and continue down the hill.
  • Once you have passed the last house on your right, take the next gravel path to the right. Take the wide path which runs between 2 rows of trees leading to a pond. Continue around the pond, over bridge, turn left and follow path to road.
  • On reaching Oaklands Way, cross over and take the path ahead. At the second path junction take the right hand fork, keeping the stream to your left. With the pond to your left, bear right to the road.
  • Turn left, then cross Beechwood Way. Turn right and take path to the left. At path junction turn right, cross over Challenger Way and continue ahead following the path.
  • At first path junction continue straight. Where the path splits into 2, take the right-hand fork, bearing right following path to road.
  • Cross over into Oaklands Way and take the footpath/cycle path off to the left. Cross road and continue along the footpath/cycle path back to Noadswood school.