Walking in Hampshire

Marchwood circular walk 2

Distance: 1.5km /1 mile,  20 minutes
Places of interest: Crookedhays Copse, Millennium flowerbed
Starting Point: Village Centre shops

Route map

Crookedhays Copse is an ancient woodland of 4 acres and a history of 400 years of coppicing. As you cross Main Road from Vicarage Road look to your right where you will see the Parish Council’s Millennium flowerbed.

Download Circular Walk 2 leaflet 221kb pdf


The route

  • From the village centre shops follow Vicarage Road to the junction with Main Road, cross and turn left  into Oakland Drive. Just before Philpott Drive, cross Oakland Drive, turn right and follow the path bearing left into Ferndale Road.  
  • Cross into Crooked Hays Close and take the tarmac path on the left into Crookedhays Copse. At the path junction bear left and continue ahead.
  • Turn left along tarmac path and then take next right.
  • As the path opens out: either turn left to follow stream, up the steps and to the bridge, or continue ahead, over the grass to avoid the steps.  
  • At the tarmac footpath turn right and follow it to the road, then turn left, then right into Autumn Road.
  • After passing Kingswood on your right, continue straight ahead into Dapple Place and follow the path to the right. Go through the barrier and turn left into Crookedhays Copse.  
  • Follow the path through Crookedhays Copse exiting at the junction of Ferndale Road.
  • Cross Ferndale Road and retrace your steps back to Village Centre shops.