Buy with Confidence

Buy With Confidence

Using a Buy With Confidence tradesman is the best way to ensure a legal, honest and fair service.

  •  For customers

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    • Members are fully audited by a Trading Standards Officer to ensure they trade in a legal, honest and fair way
    • All staff who visit your home have passed a criminal records check
    • Members are properly insured
    • Advice and help from Trading Standards Officers should problems arise
    • Peace of mind that the member is competent to do the job
    • Clear pricing with no hidden extras
  •  For business

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    • Credibility you just can't buy
    • A fantastic marketing tool! - "Trading Standards Approved"
    • Comprehensive web listing and free promotional material
    • Public recognition of your commitment to customer service
    • Free business advice and dispute resolution help
    • The opportunity to advertise in our highly successful directory

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