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Child car safety seats

This advice is designed to provide basic guidance to consumers. It is not a complete or authoritative statement of the law.

Safety advice

  • A child car seat must be fitted correctly to ensure your child safe is kept safe
  • Never place a rearward facing child car safety seat on a car seat protected by an airbag.
  • Make sure your child car seat is installed exactly as in the manufacturers instructions.
  • Ensure the seat is appropriate to the size and weight of your child. The label should guide you as to the correct class seat for your child.
  • Modern cars will be fitted with ISOFIX parts. If it is then buy an ISOFIX seat as this will provide the best possible fixing.
  • If the child car safety seat has been in an accident or the belt is frayed, buy a new one.
  • Do not buy a second hand seat as it could jeopardize your child's safety. It may have previously been in a accident; may not come with fitting instructions; not comply with current safety standards and may have been damaged through use.


How to report a product problem

Child Car Seat Safety Checks

The Road Safety Team now organise the Child Car Safety Seat Checks.



C/saf/037/003 May 2009