Unit 4 - Personal Finance

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Subject Stage Resource
Methods of payment for goods and services Key Stage 4 Resource 4A - Paying outright for goods Microsoft PowerPoint 63kb
Resource 4B - Paying for goods on credit Microsoft PowerPoint 113kb
How easy is it to get a credit card or a loan? Key Stage 4    Resource 4C - How easy is it to get a loan? Microsoft PowerPoint 19kb

Resource 4D:Resource 4E - Paying for goods - Exercises:
What's a loan shark? Key Stage 4 Resource 4B - Slide 5 Microsoft PowerPoint 113kb
Savings Key Stage 4 Resource 4F - Savings plan Microsoft PowerPoint 101kb
Budgeting Key Stage 4 Resource 4G1 - Keeping a Budget Microsoft PowerPoint 69kb
Resource 4G2 - Spreadsheet exercise Microsoft Excel 33kb
Resource 4H - Provision for our welfare Microsoft PowerPoint 106kb