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Sale of Poisons

Under the provisions of the Poisons Act and associated legislation, there are restrictions on the sale of various types of poisons. The Poisons List Order contains two classes of poisons, referred to as "Part One" and "Part Two".

Only a registered pharmacist is permitted to sell "Part One" poisons.

Anyone wishing to sell "Part Two" poisons must register their name, and the address of their business premises, with the Trading Standards Service.

Sales may only be made at the premises so listed, and only by the person listed. However, a listed seller may also nominate a maximum of two deputies to effect sales on his/her behalf.

There is a fee payable for registration, and the registration has to be renewed annually.

There are many detailed requirements relating to the sale of poisons, which depend upon the type of poison being sold. They include:

  • Labelling of the container
  • Suitability of the container
  • The person to whom the poison may be sold
  • The safe storage of the poisons
  • Recording details of sales in a "Poisons Book"
  • The purpose for which the poison is intended

Fees 2013-14

  • New entry on the list £34.50
  • Renewal £18.00
  • Alteration to listed deputies £9.00

(valid until 30th March 2014)

Fees for 2014-15 are under review. Please use the above figures until the review has been completed.

Please note, the government has now published it’s response to the consultation on the proposed changes to the Poisons Act. It has indicated that it’s preferred option is to remove the requirement for a retailer selling Part 2 poisons to pay for an annual licence from their Local Authority. The current deadline for implementation of this change is 2nd September 2014.



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