Hampshire Trading Standards

Weights and measures

Accurate weights and measures are essential when we buy and sell goods to ensure fair trading. Every time we fill our car, we rely on the accuracy of the equipment, when our food is weighed or when we buy a round of drinks.

Common problems

  • Trading Standards can check your weighing machine and provide a statement of errors. We are not able to adjust the machine. A fee is payable dependant on the capacity of the machine.
  • To weigh large items such as a caravan, you can use a public weighbridge.
  • After finishing fuelling at the filling station, the price display clicked up a penny.
  • The accuracy of fuel delivered at the petrol pump.
  • In October 2006 new legislation allowed a pint glass to be marked with a “CE” mark. They still contain one pint or half a pint. Gradually the crown marked glasses will disappear. And if you feel there is too much head on your pint you are entitled to request a top up.