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Making Money Matter - Door Tradesmen

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Door Tradesmen scenario transcript

Georgie Palmer (GP): Shopping doesn’t just happen in shops any more. You can buy on line using a computer and also at your own front door. Now all kinds of goods and services can be offered like this, but be careful not everybody that knocks on your door will be telling the truth. If someone knocks on your door always put on the chain on, then ask for their ID.

Phillip (P): Hello can I help you?

Gas man: Good afternoon, I’ve come to read the gas meter.

P: Can I see your ID please?

GP: If they’re the gas or telephone company they’ll have a proper badge and expect you to ask for it.

P: Is there any chance you could come back later please?

GP: If you are alone and don’t want to let them in, then that’s ok too. Real gas or telephone people won’t mind coming back when you’re not alone.

Carpet Seller: Hello, I’m trying to get rid of this rug. Beautiful rug, hand stitched in China, are you interested.

P: No thank you, I don’t really want one.

Painting seller (PS): (Knocks on the door)

P: Hello can I help you.

PS: I’ve got this once in a lifetime painting here, The Constable.

P: No thank you.

PS: Are you sure, it matches the colour of your eyes.

Home ware seller (HW):

Knock on the door

P: Hello, how can I help you?

HW: Are you interested in any house hold goods?

P: No thank you I’m not interested.

HW: Brush and dust pans are always useful. Are you sure?

GP: Door to door salesmen might tell you lots of stories about why they can sell you something at a really low price. Don’t trust them, always say no.

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