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Making Money Matter - Faulty Goods

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Faulty Goods scenario transcript

Georgie Palmer (GP): If you’ve bought something and it stops working, you might be able to take it back to the shop. But, the shop needs to know that you bought it from them. So, it’s really important that you keep the receipt. That’s the piece of paper they gave you when you paid for it. Then, depending on how old the goods are, will depend on whether they fix it, give you a new one or you might get some money back.”

(Phillip approaches customer services desk in supermarket)

Phillip (P): It didn’t work when I got home, you see.

Supermarket assistant (SA): Right, can I just check your receipt please?

P: OK.

SA: Right, that’s fine.

P: I put it in the box carefully as well.

SA: Yeah, I’ve just got to double check it’s all in there.

P: Yeah, of course you can. Yes.

SA: That’s all fine to me. Would you like a replacement, or a refund?

P: Can I have a replacement, please?

SA: Yep, I’ll just do that for you.

P: Thank you very much.

SA: Right, that’s a copy of your refund and your original receipt.

P: Thank you.

SA: Would you like a bag for that at all sir?

P: No, thank you, that’ll be OK.

SA: That’s fine, thank you very much.

P: Thank you for your help.

SA: Right, bye.

GP: If you don’t feel confident taking it back, ask your support worker or key worker to help you.

GP (at home): BUT, you can’t take it back if you’ve damaged it yourself. So, no water on it, no banging it and certainly no jam sandwiches in it! You can’t take it back if you’ve got bored of it, if you don’t like the colour anymore or if you see a better version which has more buttons.

GP (voiceover): But, if it really is faulty and you feel that the shop has not been fair to you, ring Consumer Direct on 08454 040506, that’s 08454 040506. They can help you by suggesting what to do.

GP (in supermarket): So remember, if something breaks down and it isn’t your fault you should take it back to the shop. Remember to keep the receipt, this proves you bought it there. And, if you think the shop is unfair ring Consumer Direct.