Cold Calling

Doorstep sales and bogus callers

Be on your guard against strangers. It is difficult to tell whether the person is genuine, a rogue trader offering repairs or improvements, or a bogus caller trying to get into our home.

You are under no obligation to allow anyone to enter your home and can refuse access. We advise to say "No” to all doorstep cold callers.

You should never allow anyone access to your home without valid identification. Legitimate callers will not mind being challenged and will expect you to ask them for identification.


Do not open the door

Door chain

Put the chain on before opening the door. This will restrict the opening, give you time to think and show your caller you are on your guard.

Be confident and say ‘No thank you’

You do not have to let anyone into your home.

Never keep large sums of money in the house and keep purses out of sight, away from the door.

A genuine representative will understand your concerns and will be willing to return when you have someone with you.

Don't sign anything

If you are asked to sign anything, always ask if you can have a copy to read first. If necessary, ask them to call back when you have read it. If they refuse to let you think it over, this should make you suspicious.

Get a second opinion

Get a second opinion before agreeing to work or goods. “Today only” offers may not be genuine. If you sign a contract in your own home, you will generally have the right to cancel it within 7 days.

Do not accept transport to your bank or building society to withdraw money to pay for the work. If this happens, tell the bank cashier.


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