No Cold Calling

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

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Road Location Zone number Status
Abbey Court Popley 1014 Out to Consultation
Abbot Close Basingstoke 1068 Out to Consultation
Ambrose Road Tadley 606 Out to Consultation
Andover Road (Part) Highclere 890 Launched
Arkwright Close Highclere 890 Launched
Arlott Drive Oakridge 51 Launched
Ayres Lane Burghclere 403 Launched
Barrett Court, Stubbs Road Basingstoke 452 Out to Consultation
Basswood Drive Basingstoke 750 Out to Consultation
Bere Hill (Part) Whitchurch 70 Launched
Binfields Close (Part) Chineham 609 Out to Consultation
Binley Court Tadley 247 Launched
Bishops Close Tadley 502 Launched
Bishopswood Court, Hangar Road Tadley 1009 Out to Consultation
Bishopswood Road Tadley 145 Launched
Bodmin Close Buckskin 259 Launched
Bow Grove Sherfield on Loddon 636 Launched
Bowmonts Road Tadley 248 Launched
Brackenwood Drive Tadley 502 Launched
Britten Road Basingstoke 1057 Out to Consultation
Broad Layings (Part) Woolton Hill 972 Launched
Brook Green Tadley 248 Launched
Buckland Avenue Basingstoke 876 Launched
Burfield Highclere 890 Launched
Burgage Field Whitchurch 70 Launched
Byeways Highclere 890 Launched
Carrington Crescent Tadley 392 Out to Consultation
Church Lane Highclere 890 Launched
Church Lane Woolton Hill 879 Out to Consultation
Church Road Woolton Hill 879 Out to Consultation
Coombe Corner Highclere 890 Launched
Conifer Close Tadley 648 Out to Consultation
Constable Close Black Dam 143 Launched
Copnor Woolton Hill 880 Out to Consultation
Copnor Close Woolton Hill 880 Out to Consultation
Cowslip Bank Lychpit 423 Out to Consultation
Cranesfield Sherbourne St John 593 Launched
Cuffelle Close Chineham 1059 Out to Consultation
Cumberland Avenue Basingstoke 688 Launched
Daffodil Close Basingstoke 785 Launched
Dairy Court Basingstoke 1047 Launched
Dances Lane Whitchurch 70 Launched
Days Meadow Woolton Hill 880 Out to Consultation
Doswell Lane Oakridge 94 Launched
Dunley Manor Whitchurch 899 Launched
Dunley Row Whitchurch 899 Launched
Elkingham Close Burghclere 335 Launched
Elmhurst Tadley 251 Launched
Ennerdale Close Basingstoke 268 Launched
Exmoor Close Buckskin 260 Launched
Falcon House Gardens Woolton Hill 501 Launched
Farringdon Way Tadley 645 Launched
Fir Tree Corner Tadley 648 Out to Consultation
Flexford Close Highclere 890 Launched
Four Oaks Highclere 890 Launched
Fraser Close Old Basing 939 Launched
Gershwin Court Basingstoke 290 Launched
Glamis Close Oakley 187 Launched
Glendale Road Tadley 147 Launched
Gower Close Oakridge 51 Launched
Grieg Close Basingstoke 777 Out to Consultation
Hampton Court, Woolford Way Basingstoke 1010 Out to Consultation
Harveys Field Overton 132 Launched
Harwood Rise Woolton Hill 818 Launched
Haydn Road Basingstoke 807 Out to Consultation
Highdowns Basingstoke 691 Out to Consultation
High Drive Basingstoke 1101 Out to Consultation
Hollington Lane Woolton Hill 880 Out to Consultation
Hollington Lane Highclere 890 Launched
Hollybush Lane Wootton St Lawrence 565 Launched
Holy Barn Close Basingstoke 267 Launched
Honeybottom Road Tadley 147 Launched
Lancaster Road Basingstoke 220 Launched
Link Way Oakley 796 Out to Consultation
Litton Gardens Oakley 676 Launched
Loddon Court Basingstoke 746 Launched
London Road Southington 72 Launched
Lordsfield Gardens Overton 842 Out to Consultation
Lynch Hill Park Whitchurch 70 Launched
Mallard Close Basingstoke 539 Launched
Marshall Gardens Oakridge 51 Launched
Maybrook Chineham 751 Out to Consultation                    
Mede Close Overton 137 Launched
Middleton Gardens Oakridge 51 Launched
Millers Road Tadley 146 Launched
Minden Cose Chineham 686 Out to Consultation
Mount Close Highclere 890 Launched
Mount Road (Part) Highclere 890 Launched
Mozart Close (Part) Basingstoke 757 Launched
Newtown Tadley 392 Out to Consultation
Nom Hill (Part) Basingstoke 495 Out to Consultation
Oakridge Towers Oakridge 1011 Out to Consultation
Old Vyne Lane Wootton St Lawrence 565 Launched
Pantings Lane Highclere 890 Launched
Park Avenue Old Basing 942 Launched
Paulet Place Old Basing 227 Launched
Penwood Heights Highclere 229 Launched
Peregrine Road Bishops Green 1065 Out to Consultation
Petersfield Oakley 186 Launched
Peveral Walk South Ham 142 Launched
Pheby Road Basingstoke 876 Launched
Pitman Close Basingstoke 1062 Out to Consultation
Poplar Close Sherfield on Loddon 636 Launched
Prescelly Close Buckskin 262 Launched
Priory Gardens Old Basing 951 Out to Consultation
Puttenham Road Chineham 1059 Out to Consultation
Quantock Close Buckskin 261 Launched
Queens Road Basingstoke 1047 Launched
Rectory Close Tadley 343 Launched
Robin Close Basingstoke 866 Launched
Rose Hodson Court Kingsclere 1012 Out to Consultation
Rowan Close Tadley 249 Launched
Rowan Road Tadley 250 Launched
Rutherford Close Highclere 890 Launched
Shipton Way Basingstoke 1068 Out to Consultation
Silverdale Road Tadley 147 Launched
Southington Close Southington 72 Launched
Southington Lane Southington 72 Launched
Spiers Close Tadley 248 Launched
Star Lane Highclere 890 Launched
Stephens Road Tadley 245 Launched
Stratfield Court Tadley 246 Launched
Stratton Road Basingstoke 835 Out to Consultation
Sprent's Lane Overton 136 Launched
Swains Close Tadley 146 Launched
Swains Road Tadley 146 Launched
Teal Crescent Basingstoke 864 Out to Consultation
The Crofts Hatch Warren 817 Launched
The Beeches Tadley 392 Out to Consultation
The Knowlings Whitchurch 516 Out to Consultation
The Lynch Southington 72 Launched
Townsend Close Basingstoke 32 Launched
Trade Street Wootton St Lawrence 704 Out to Consultation
Tubbs Lane Highclere 890 Launched
Van Dyck Close Basingstoke 778 Out to Consultation
Vine Tree Close Tadley 1002 Out to Consultation
Vinns Lane Southington 72 Launched
Warbleton Road Chineham 1059 Out to Consultation
Water End Park Old Basing 795 Launched
West Heath Wootton St Lawrence 565 Launched
Westridge Highclere 890 Launched
Whitedown Road (Part) Tadley 315 Launched
Whitedown Road (Part) Tadley 405 Launched
Widmore Road Basingstoke 1063 Out to Consultation
Wigmore Road Tadley 219 Launched
Willow Way Sherfield on Loddon 636 Launched
Winchester Road (Part) Basingstoke 914 Launched
Woodpecker Close Basingstoke 700 Launched
Woodroffe Drive Basingstoke 1055 Launched



No Cold Calling Zones
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