No Cold Calling

Havant Borough Council

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Road Location Zone Number Status
Adderbury Avenue Emsworth 256 Launched
Alameda Way (Part) Waterlooville 886 Launched
Alderwood Close Bedhampton 354 Launched
Almond Close Bedhampton 185 Launched
Allendale Avenue Emsworth 256 Launched
Alten Road Waterlooville 743 Launched
Ashwood Close Bedhampton 354 Launched
Atherley Road Hayling Island 540 Launched
Auriol Drive Bedhampton 184 Launched
Ash Copse Waterlooville 849 Out to Consultation
Astrid Close Hayling Island 924 Launched
Avenue Road Hayling Island 712 Launched
Barnes Way Bedhampton 1037 Launched
Barney Evans Crescent Waterlooville 722 Out to Consultation
Barwell Grove Emsworth 256 Launched
Bath Road Emsworth 160 Launched
Battens Way Leigh Park 1007 Launched
Beaufort Road Bedhampton 1019 Launched
Bedford Close Havant 266 Launched
Belmont Grove Bedhampton 598 Launched
Berkeley Square Havant 114 Launched
Bidbury Lane Havant 17 Launched
Birch Tree Drive (Part) Emsworth 491 Launched
Blenheim Road Waterlooville 459 Launched
Bondfields Crescent Havant 1099 Out to Consultation
Briarfield Gardens Waterlooville 964 Out to Consultation
Brookmead Way Langstone 1023 Launched
Brookside Road Havant 17 Launched
Burgess Close Hayling Island 952 Launched
Burwood Grove Hayling Island 1041 Launched
Castle Avenue Havant 19 Launched
Castle Way Havant 19 Launched
Chestnut Avenue Bedhampton 354 Launched
Chidham Close Havant 71 Launched
Chidham Drive Havant 71 Launched
Chidham Square Havant 71 Launched
Chidham Walk Havant 71 Launched
Christopher Way Emsworth 922 Out to Consultation
Claremont Gardens Waterlooville 989 Launched
Compton Court Havant 71 Launched
Conifer Close Waterlooville 479 Launched
Cotton Drive Emsworth 256 Launched
Creek End Emsworth 160 Launched
Crookhorn Lane Waterlooville 385 Out to Consultation
Crown Close Waterlooville 508 Launched
Cumberland Avenue Emsworth 673 Launched
Delft Gardens Waterlooville 722 Out to Consultation
Denhill Close Hayling island 710 Launched
Derwent Close Waterlooville 664 Launched
Douglas Gardens Havant 1097 Out to Consultation
Dresden Drive Waterlooville 722 Out to Consultation
Dundonald Close Hayling Island 1041 Launched
Ernest Road Havant 810 Launched
Edward Gardens Havant 17 Launched
Elm Close Estate Hayling Island 1026 Out to Consultation
Emsbrook Drive Emsworth 579 Launched
Ennerdale Close Waterlooville 457 Launched
Faber Close Havant 1097 Out to Consultation
Farm Cottages Havant 19 Launched
Firlands Rise Bedhampton 183 Launched
Flexford Gardens Leigh Park 998 Launched
Fortunes Way Bedhampton 184 Launched
Foxcott Grove Leigh Park 1060 Launched
Freeley Road Havant 1001 Out to Consultation
Froxfield Road West Leigh 1033 Launched
Glebe Close Hayling Island 670 Launched
Glebe Park Avenue Bedhampton 183 Launched
Glenleigh Park Havant 113 Launched
Godwin Close Emsworth 256 Launched
Goldcrest Close Waterlooville 701 Out to Consultation
Granville Close Havant 266 Launched
Greville Green Emsworth 256 Launched
Gwatkin Close Bedhampton 354 Launched
Halifax Rise Waterlooville 943 Launched
Harbour Way Emsworth 161 Launched
Harestock Road Bedhampton 333 Launched
Hart Plain House, Dryden Close Cowplain 481 Launched
Hazelwood Avenue Bedhampton 354 Launched
Heather Close Waterlooville 446 Launched
High Lawn Way Leigh Park 1008 Out to Consultation
Hollybank Lane (Part) Emsworth 857 Launched
Hulbert Road Bedhampton 1018 Out to Consultation
Hulbert Road (Part) Waterlooville 1046 Out to Consultation
Hurstville Drive (Part) Waterlooville 943 Launched
Ibsley Grove Bedhampton 359 Launched
Ingledene Close Havant 16 Launched
Ithaca Close Hayling Island 1041 Launched
Jason Place Waterlooville 386 Out to Consultation
Jessie Road Havant 810 Launched
Khandala Gardens Waterlooville 454 Launched
Kilmeston Close Havant 1099 Out to Consultation
King Street Emsworth 161 Launched
Kinnell Close Emsworth 401 Launched
Knox Road Havant 621 Out to Consultation
Kyoto Walk Leigh Park 998 Launched
Laburnum Road Waterlooville 517 Launched
Langbrook Close Langstone 1023 Launched
Langstone Avenue Havant 46 Launched
Lilac Close Havant 456 Launched
Lindens Close Emsworth 1030 Out to Consultation
Lisle Way Emsworth 256 Launched
Little Hackets (Part) Leigh Park 997 Out to Consultation
Littlegreen Avenue (Part) Havant 896 Launched
Littlepark Avenue Bedhampton 354 Launched
Lodge Road Havant 17 Launched
Longmead Gardens Langstone 1022 Launched
Lower Road Havant 17 Launched
Lower Bere Road Waterlooville 328 Launched
Luard Court Havant 266 Launched
Lymbourn Road Havant 397 Launched
Magnolia Terrace Waterlooville 517 Launched
Maisemore Gardens Emsworth 410 Launched
Mallow Close Waterlooville 446 Launched
Malvern Mews Emsworth 513 Out to Consultation
Manor Way Hayling Island 709 Launched
Maple Close Emsworth 922 Out to Consultation
Marina Close Emsworth 161 Launched
Mark Anthony Court (Beach Road) Hayling Island 831 Launched
Markway Close Emsworth 1032 Out to Consultation
Matthews Close Bedhampton 1020 Launched
Maylands Road Bedhampton 460 Launched
Mill Close, Havant Road Northney 1028 Launched
Mill Lane Havant 17 Launched
Hart Plain House,
Milton Road
Cowplain 481 Out to Consultation
Mitchell Road Bedhampton 354 Launched
Mitchell Road (Doyle House) Bedhampton 91 Launched
Monteray Drive Havant 1097 Out to Consultation
Morelands Road (Part) Waterlooville 483 Launched
My Lords Lane Hayling Island 839 Launched
Neville Gardens Emsworth 256 Launched
New Brighton Road (Part) Emsworth 684 Launched
Newbarn Road Bedhampton 354 Launched
Nicholson Way Havant 18 Launched
Nightingale Park Havant 19 Launched
Norden Way Havant 999 Out to Consultation
Norman Way Bedhampton 414 Launched
Norris Gardens Havant 266 Launched
North Shore Road Hayling Island 761 Launched
Nursery Road Bedhampton 108 Launched
Oakhurst Drive Waterlooville 920 Launched
Oaklands Road Havant 197 Launched
Oaktree Drive Emsworth 857 Launched
Oakwood Avenue Bedhampton 354 Launched
Padnell Road (Part) Cowplain 834 Launched
Pagham Gardens Hayling Island 671 Launched
Panton Close Emsworth 256 Launched
Park Side Havant 398 Launched
Partridge Gardens Waterlooville 552 Out to Consultation
Pembury Road Havant 266 Launched
Penhurst Road Bedhampton 135 Launched
Penk Ridge Bedhampton 184 Launched
Pennant Hills Bedhampton 363 Launched
Perseus Place Waterlooville 438 Launched
Pine Grove Havant 197 Launched
Pine Tree Gardens Waterlooville 479 Launched
Pinewood Avenue Bedhampton 354 Launched
Pook Lane Havant 266 Launched
Priorsdean Crescent (Part) Havant 1054 Out to Consultation
Portsdown Hill Road (Part) Bedhampton 183 Launched
Prochurch Road Waterlooville 580 Out to Consultation
Queen Anne's Drive Bedhampton 414 Launched
Ramsdale Avenue Havant 575 Out to Consultation
Redwood Grove Havant 1097 Out to Consultation
Roman Way Bedhampton 344 Launched
Rowan Road Havant 867 Out to Consultation
Ryecroft Havant 19 Launched
St Christopher's Road Havant 810 Launched
St George Avenue Havant 19 Launched
St John's Road Havant 810 Launched
St Michael's Road Havant 810 Launched
St Nicholas' Road Havant 810 Launched
Selangor Avenue Emsworth 3 Launched
Shepherd Way Havant 1001 Out to Consultation
Silverdale Drive Waterlooville 682 Launched
Singleton Gardens Clanfield 873 Launched
South Lane Clanfield 1044 Launched
Southbrook Road (Part) Langstone 666 Launched
Spindle Close Havant 45 Launched
Spindle Warren Havant 45 Launched
Spinnaker View Bedhampton 183 Launched
Spinner Drive Havant 1001 Out to Consultation
Springfield Close Bedhampton 135 Launched
Spur Road Waterlooville 850 Out to Consultation
Stanley Road Emsworth 161 Launched
Staunton Road Havant 71 Launched
Stirling Avenue (Part) Waterlooville 829 Out to Consultation
Sutton Close Waterlooville 812 Launched
Sutton Road (Part) Waterlooville 812 Launched
Sycamore Close Waterlooville 485 Out to Consultation
Talbot Close Havant 484 Launched
Talbot Road Havant 484 Launched
Tavistock Gardens Havant 266 Launched
The Brow Widley 85 Launched
The Dale Widley 85 Launched
The Forum Havant 71 Launched
The Mallards Langstone 1024 Out to Consultation
The Queensway Hayling Island 1027 Launched
The Rise Widley 85 Launched
The Thickett Widley 85 Launched
Tower Gardens Havant 269 Launched
Tudor Avenue Emsworth 1031 Out to Consultation
Tulip Gardens Bedhampton 108 Launched
Underdown Avenue Widley 85 Launched
Victoria Road Hayling Island 1025 Out to Consultation
Waitland Close Waterlooville 517 Launched
Warfield Avenue Waterlooville 850 Out to Consultation
Warfield Crescent Waterlooville 850 Out to Consultation
Warblington Avenue Havant 19 Launched
Waterloo Close Waterlooville 689 Launched
Waters Edge Gardens Emsworth 160 Launched
Weaver's Green Havant 45 Launched
Wedgewood Way Waterlooville 722 Out to Consultation
Wendover Road Havant 71 Launched
Westbourne Court Havant 71 Launched
Westland Drive Waterlooville 840 Launched
Westways Bedhampton 185 Launched
Whyke Court Havant 71 Launched
Wigan Crescent Bedhampton 608 Launched
Woodgaston Lane Hayling Island 787 Launched
Woodgreen Avenue Bedhampton 333 Launched
Woodpecker Close Havant 19 Launched
Wyndham Close Waterlooville 580 Out to Consultation



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