No Cold Calling

Southampton City Council

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Road Name Location Zone Number Status
Archery Gardens Woolston 90 Launched
Archery Grove (Part) Woolston 103 Launched
Ardnave Crescent Bassett 12 Launched
Atherley Court Shirley 43 Launched
Banister Gardens Freemantle 9 Out to Consultation
Barnfield Way Woolston 71 Out to Consultation
Barton Crescent Bitterne Park 31 Launched
Bassett Avenue (Part) Bassett 1 Launched
Bassett Avenue (Part) Bassett 17 Launched
Bassett Avenue (Part) Bassett 58 Launched
Bassett Close Bassett 27 Launched
Bassett Dale Bassett 58 Launched
Bassett Gardens Bassett 100 Out to Consultation
Bassett Green Drive Bassett 1 Launched
Bassett Green Close Bassett 1 Launched
Bassett Green Road (Part) Bassett 1 Launched
Bassett Green Village (Part) Bassett 1 Launched
Bassett Heath Avenue Bassett 58 Launched
Bassett Meadows Bassett 40 Launched
Bassett Mews Bassett 12 Out to Consultation
Bassett Row Bassett 58 Launched
Bassett Wood Drive Bassett 1 Launched
Basset Wood Road (Part) Bassett 1 Launched
Beverley Heights Bitterne Park 33 Launched
Bitterne Crescent Peartree 107 Launched
Blenheim Avenue Portswood 23 Out to Consultation
Blighmont Crescent Millbrook 95 Launched
Botley Gardens Bitterne 38 Out to Consultation
Broadwater Road Bitterne Park 33 Launched
Brownlow Avenue Peartree 6 Launched
Butts Crescent Bitterne 10 Out to Consultation
Carey Road Bitterne 53 Launched
Carolyn Close Woolston 101 Launched
Chadwell Avenue Sholing 124 Out to Consultation
Chapel Crescent Sholing 80 Launched
Chilworth Road Bassett 58 Launched
Church View Close Sholing 76 Launched
Claremont Crescent Millbrook 73 Launched
Cleek Drive Bassett 12 Launched
College Road Woolston 102 Out to Consultation
Collier Close Portswood 30 Launched
Cowdray Close Coxford 11 Out to Consultation
Crofton Close Portswood 22 Out to Consultation
Deacon Crescent Peartree 60 Out to Consultation
Deacon Road (Part) Sholing 37 Out to Consultation
Dean Road (Part) Harefield 24 Launched
Dimond Road (Part) Bitterne Park 70 Launched
Dumbleton Close Bitterne 121 Launched
Elmsleigh Gardens Bassett 46 Launched
Endeavour Close Millbrook 19 Out to Consultation
Ethelburt Avenue Swaythling 97 Launched
Eynham Avenue Bitterne 28 Launched
Eynham Close Bitterne 28 Launched
Eynham Gardens Bitterne 28 Launched
Finlay Close Sholing 122 Launched
Fitzroy Close Bassett 58 Launched
Forest Hill Drive (Part) Bitterne Park 42 Launched
Freemantle Close Peartree 35 Launched
Fulmar Close Coxford 125 Out to Consultation
Furze Close Sholing 92 Launched
Furze Road Sholing 92 Launched
Gilbury Close Swaythling 96 Launched
Glen Eyre Road (Part) Bassett 46 Launched
Glen Eyre Way Bassett 46 Launched
Goldcrest Gardens Coxford 67 Out to Consultation
Golf Course Road Bassett 12 Launched
Greenback Crescent Bassett 12 Launched
Griffin Court Portswood 87 Launched
Grove Road (Part) Freemantle 44 Out to Consultation
Harland Crescent Shirley 63 Launched
Hawkley Green Woolston 112 Out to Consultation
Hazeleigh Avenue Woolston 106 Out to Consultation
Henry Road Millbrook 56 Out to Consultation
Hewitt Place Bassett 7 Out to Consultation
High Meadow Bitterne 47 Launched
Hill Farm Road Freemantle 66 Launched
Hill Grove Road Bitterne Park 42 Launched
Holt Court Woolston 83 Launched
Honeysuckle Road Bassett 78 Launched
Huntly Way Bitterne Park 26 Launched
Imperial Avenue (Part) Millbrook 117 Launched
Inkerman Road Woolston 108 Out to Consultation
Iris Road Bassett 91 Launched
Janson Road Shirley 86 Launched
Juniper Road Bitterne Park 75 Launched
Kellett Road Shirley 39 Launched
Kennedy Road Redbridge 113 Launched
Kestrel Close Coxford 4 Launched
Kingsfold Avenue Bitterne Park 42 Launched
Kingsley Road Millbrook 84 Out to Consultation
Lansdowne Road Millbrook 34 Launched
Leicester Road Shirley 89 Launched
Leigh Road Portswood 23 Out to Consultation
Lingfield Gardens Bitterne Park 42 Launched
Lingwood Close Bassett 58 Launched
Lingwood Walk Bassett 58 Launched
Links View Way Bassett 58 Launched
Litchfield Road Bitterne Park 5 Launched
Little Oak Road Bassett 68 Launched
Longmore Avenue Woolston 45 Launched
Lordswood Gardens Bassett 41 Launched
Lumsden Avenue Freemantle 18 Launched
Lydgate Road (Part) Bitterne 118 Out to Consultation
Maldon Road Peartree 104 Launched
Maryland Close Bitterne Park 33 Launched
Mead Crescent Swaythling 7 Launched
Meadowside Close Swaythling 96 Launched
Melrose Road Shirley 89 Launched
Moat Hill Bitterne Park 33 Launched
Mookswood Close Bassett 1 Launched
Newitt Place Bassett 58 Launched
Newlands Avenue Freemantle 81 Launched
Newton Road (Part) Bitterne Park 120 Out to Consultation
Norham Avenue Bassett 62 Out to Consultation
Northbrook Close Bassett 1 Launched
Northfield Road (Part) Bitterne Park 42 Launched
Northlands Gardens Freemantle 20 Launched
Oakmount Avenue Portswood 23 Out to Consultation
Oakwood Drive (Part) Coxford 3 Out to Consultation
Octavia Road Swaythling 96 Launched
Old Farm Drive Bitterne Park 42 Launched
Oliver Road Swaythling 7 Launched
Orpen Road Sholing 122 Launched
Overcliff Rise Bassett 21 Launched
Pansy Road Bassett 93 Launched
Percy Road Millbrook 82 Launched
Pewsey Place Shirley 94 Out to Consultation
Phillimore Road Swaythling 99 Launched
Pilgrim Place Swaythling 2 Launched
Pine Way (Part) Bassett 58 Launched
Pinegrove Road (Part) Peartree 36 Launched
Pinegrove Road (Part) Peartree 123 Out to Consultation
Pinehurst Road Bassett 58 Launched
Pirrie Close Shirley 72 Launched
Plover Close Coxford 4 Launched
Queenstown Road Freemantle 25 Out to Consultation
Ranelagh Gardens Freemantle 48 Launched
Raymond Road Freemantle 61 Out to Consultation
Redbridge Hill (Part) Millbrook 59 Out to Consultation
Redwood Way (Part) Bassett 1 Launched
Ridgemount Avenue Bassett 12 Launched
Ridgemount Lane Bassett 12 Launched
River Walk Bitterne Park 42 Launched
Robert Cecil Avenue Swaythling 57 Launched
Rockleigh Road Bassett 98 Launched
Roman Road (Part) Bassett 58 Launched
Rosewall Road Redbridge 113 Launched
Ross Gardens Shirley 114 Out to Consultation
Rothbury Close Sholing 80 Launched
Rozel Court Redbridge 13 Out to Consultation
St Elizabeths Avenue Harefield 65 Out to Consultation
St Francis Avenue Harefield 119 Launched
St Helena Garden Bitterne Park 33 Launched
Sandpiper Road (Part) Coxford 4 Launched
Sarina Court Redbridge 14 Out to Consultation
Saxholm Close Bassett 58 Launched
Saxholm Dale Bassett 58 Launched
Saxholm Way Bassett 58 Launched
Shanklin Crescent Shirley 126 Launched
Sholing Road (Part) Peartree 74 Launched
Somerset Avenue (Part) Harefield 115 Out to Consultation
Spinney Walk Bitterne Park 42 Launched
The Haven Bassett 1 Launched
The Mount Bassett 17 Launched
The Orchard Bassett 1 Launched
The Spinney Bassett 1 Launched
Toronto Court Millbrook 16 Out to Consultation
Tower Gardens Bassett 17 Launched
Undercliff Gardens Bassett 21 Launched
Underwood Road Bassett 21 Launched
Vellen Court Redbridge 15 Out to Consultation
Ventnor Court Swaythling 55 Out to Consultation
Violet Road Bassett 69 Launched
Wakefield Road Bitterne Park 110 Out to Consultation
Walsingham Gardens Bitterne Park 42 Launched
Warren Close Shirley 8 Launched
West Road (Part) Woolston 52 Launched
Westbourne Crescent Portswood 23 Out to Consultation
Westbrook Court Bassett 1 Launched
Weston Court, Kingsclere Avenue Woolston 85 Launched
Westrow Gardens (Part) Freemantle 9 Out to Consultation
Westrow Road Freemantle 9 Out to Consultation
Wilmington Close Bitterne Park 42 Launched
Winchester Road (Part) Bassett 17 Launched
Woodmill Lane (Part) Swaythling 7 Launched
Woodstock Drive Portswood 22 Launched
Wynter Road Harefield 54 Launched



No Cold Calling Zones
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