No Cold Calling

Winchester City Council

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Road Location Zone Number Status
Airlie Corner Stanmore 74 Launched
Anmore Road Denmead 351 Launched
Appledown Close Alresford 804 Out to Consultation
Ash Walk Alresford 826 Launched
Ashburton Close Alresford 931 Out to Consultation
Ashburton Road Alresford 931 Out to Consultation
Baigent Close Winnall 62 Launched
Baring Close Itchen Abbas 39 Launched
Beech Grove Owlesbury 99 Launched
Bere Close Winchester 241 Launched
Bereweeke Avenue Winchester 130 Launched
Blanchard Road Bishops Waltham 101 Launched
Bramble Hill Alresford 90 Launched
Braxton House, Winnall Manor Road Winnall 904 Out to Consultation
Bridge Terrace Shawford 564 Launched
Brooklyn Close Otterbourne 1052 Launched
Buddens Road Wickham 38 Launched
Buttermere Gardens Alresford 797 Launched
Canford Close Shedfield 64 Launched
Carisbrooke Close Alresford 176 Launched
Chestnut Rise Droxford 235 Launched
Church Lane (Part) Brambridge 155 Launched
Church Lane Kings Worthy 465 Launched
Christies Hospital Winchester 191 Launched
Clarendon Close Denmead 33 Launched
Claylands Road Bishops Waltham 83 Launched
Cloverbank Kings Worthy 695 Launched
Coles Mede Otterbourne 61 Launched
Colley Close Winchester 95 Launched
Colvedene Close Colden Common 60 Launched
Coniston Grove Alresford 797 Launched
Couch Green Martyr Worthy 40 Launched
Courtenay Road Winchester 127 Launched
Craddock House, Winnall Manor Road Winnall 905 Out to Consultation
Dale Close Littleton 772 Launched
Dennet House, Winnall Manor Road Winnall 906 Out to Consultation
Derwent Gardens Alresford 797 Launched
Donigers Dell Swanmore 561 Launched
Downs Road South Wonston 112 Launched
Downside Road Winchester 545 Launched
Drummond Close Stanmore 49 Launched
Earle House, Winnall Manor Road Winnall 907 Out to Consultation
Eastways Bishops Waltham 329 Launched
Edward Road Stanmore 134 Launched
Ellingham Close Alresford 163 Launched
Elm Road Alresford 90 Launched
Ennerdale Gardens Alresford 797 Launched
Fairway Drive Oliver's Battery 231 Launched
Firmstone Road Winnall 62 Launched
Forest Gardens Waltham Chase 66 Launched
Fromond Road Weeke 390 Out to Consultation
Furley Close Winnall 62 Launched
General Johnson Close Stanmore 48 Launched
Glebe Corner Wickham 801 Launched
Goldfinch Way South Wonston 214 Launched
Gordon Road Curdridge 75 Launched
Grange Road Alresford 430 Out to Consultation
Gratton Close Winchester 97 Launched
Grays Close Colden Common 156 Launched
Greens Close Bishops Waltham 100 Launched
Harvest Road Denmead 13 Launched
Harwood Place Kings Worthy 234 Launched
Hawthorn Close Alresford 90 Launched
Hawthorn Road Denmead 13 Launched
Hazeldene Gardens Itchen Abbas 24 Launched
Headbourne Worthy House Headbourne Worthy 87 Launched
Hilda Gardens Denmead 783 Launched
Hole Lane Curdridge 84 Launched
Holm Oak Close Littleton 217 Launched
Keble Close Hursley 11 Launched
Kidmore Lane Denmead 149 Launched
Kings Close Kings Worthy 1053 Out to Consultation
Kings Close Twyford 157 Launched
Lime Road Alresford 90 Launched
Linden Close Waltham Chase 847 Launched
Lisle Close Oliver's Battery 231 Launched
Lisle Court Stanmore 47 Launched
Loader Close Kings Worthy 521 Launched
Lovell Close (Part) South Wonston 291 Launched
Lovells Walk Alresford 931 Out to Consultation
Lower Road South Wonston 819 Launched
Ludcombe Denmead 33 Launched
Lupin Gardens Winchester 162 Launched
Manningford Close Winchester 95 Launched
Maple Close Alresford 802 Launched
Martin Avenue Denmead 110 Launched
Meadow Close Alresford 90 Launched
Mill House Gardens Denmead 611 Launched
Morley Drive Bishops Waltham 718 Launched
Mortimor Close Kings Worthy 395 Launched
North Drive Littleton 216 Launched
Oak Hill Alresford 90 Launched
Oakwood Avenue Otterbourne 37 Launched
Oakwood Close Otterbourne 37 Launched
Old Kennels Close (Part) Oliver's Battery 231 Launched
Old Kennels Lane Oliver's Battery 231 Launched
Oliver's Battery Road (Part) Oliver's Battery 307 Launched
Oliver's Battery Road South (Part) Oliver's Battery 422 Launched
Park Road Denmead 33 Launched
Park View Shawford 564 Launched
Paulet Place Winchester 851 Out to Consultation
Peach Hill Crawley 210 Launched
Pelican Court Hursley 12 Launched
Pudding Lane Headbourne Worthy 111 Launched
Red Leaves Waltham Chase 65 Launched
Roberts Close Wickham 38 Launched
Rookwood View Denmead 33 Launched
Rosebery Road Alresford 430 Out to Consultation
Rosewarne Court Winchester 243 Launched
Rozelle Close Littleton 622 Launched
Rewlands Drive Winchester 154 Launched
Salisbury Road Alresford 430 Out to Consultation
School Road (Part) Wickham 800 Launched
Sherbrooke Close Kings Worthy 610 Launched
Silverwood Close Badger Farm 400 Launched
South Drive Littleton 216 Launched
Southwick Close Harestock 940 Out to Consultation
Springfield Close Wickham 38 Launched
Spring Vale Swanmore 232 Launched
St Annes Close (Part) Winchester 991 Launched
St John's North Winchester 188 Launched
St John's South Winchester 189 Launched
St Mary Magdalen Winchester 190 Launched
St Mary's Close Droxford 233 Launched
St Peter's Close Curdridge 67 Launched
Station Approach Alresford 532 Launched
Station Close Itchen Abbas 25 Launched
Stoke Road Winchester 95 Launched
Sun Hill Crescent Alresford 797 Launched
Taplings Road (Part) Weeke 1098 Out to Consultation
The Avenue Bishops Waltham 911 Out to Consultation
The Park Droxford 233 Launched
The Pastures Kings Worthy 232 Launched
The Ridings Waltham Chase 538 Launched
The Valley (Part) Stanmore 613 Out to Consultation
The Woodlands Kings Worthy 977 Launched
Ullswater Grove Alresford 797 Launched
Uplands Road Denmead 93 Launched
Valley Court Stanmore 613 Out to Consultation
Waverley Drive South Wonston 150 Launched
Wedmore Close Oliver's Battery 231 Launched
Wheatland Close Winchester 973 Launched
Whitegates Durley 63 Launched
Windemere Gardens Alresford 797 Launched
Wintershill (Part) Durley 638 Launched
Witton Hill Alresford 567 Launched
Woodlane Close Bramdean 408 Out to Consultation
Wykeham Field Wickham 585 Launched



No Cold Calling Zones
Trading Standards
Montgomery House
Monarch Way, Winchester SO22 5PW

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