Traffic Management

Traffic Management policy

The County Council receives many requests to investigate traffic and road safety issues.

In order to make the best use of our resources we have developed a Traffic Management Policy, which explains how traffic and safety issues are investigated and when traffic management measures may be appropriate.


Part 1: Introduction to Traffic Management

  • Traffic Management Strategy, how traffic and safety issues are investigated, and the legal framework
    (pages 3-11)

Part 2: Traffic Management policies

  • Policy statements on how various traffic management measures are used
    (pages 12-24)

Part 3: Detailed guidance on the use of traffic management measures

  • Traffic Regulation Orders (27-28)
  • Speed limits (29-34)
  • Traffic signs, road markings and bollards (35-45)
  • Parking restrictions (46-53)
  • Movement restrictions, including HGV restrictions and banned turns (54-65)
  • Road classifications (66-68)
  • Pedestrian and cycle crossing facilities (69-72)
  • Traffic calming (73-77)