Transport Planning

Hitches Lane to Fleet pedestrian and cycle route

25 September 2013

The Hitches Lane to Fleet pedestrian and Cycle route opened in September 2013.


This scheme will provide an off-road pedestrian and cycle route between Hitches Lane and Fleet Town Centre passing Tavistock Infants School. The route will then pass through Calthorpe Park and the Views before joining the high street at the junction of Church Road and Fleet Road.

Planning permission

Hart District Council granted planning permission on 26 October 2012 for the route comprising:

  • mainly mixed use footway cycleway, largely 3m in width
  • section of separate footway and cycleway through Calthorpe Park
  • bridge across the Sandy Lane ditch at the end of the 'The Spinney'.

The scheme required formal change of use for the land from parkland to footway/cycleway. It also includes changes from private land to public highway. Most of the land was already public highway so the planning permission was only required for four plots of private land:

  • Plots A and B near Tavistock Infants School
  • Plot C Calthorpe Park
  • Plot D The Views Meadow.

For further details of the planning application please see the planning pages on the Hart District Council website and search for planning application reference 12/01476/MAJOR.

Supporting documents

Fleet Town Access Plan strategies

Pedestrian and Cycle

The route covers the majority of Action Plan scheme PC3Hart Leisure Centre to Fleet Town Centre Cycle Route but with the route largely off-road by using part of PC10 and providing an extra off-road link between Calthorpe Park / Merivale and Tavistock Infants School  

The northern part of Action Plan scheme PC10 Hitches Lane to Crookham Cycle Route, covering the section Hitches Lane to Tavistock Infants School; and

Action Plan scheme PC19 for a toucan crossing facility on Reading Road North evolved into a traffic signal junction for Calthorpe Parking with a toucan (pedestrian and cyclists) phase over Reading Road North.  The junction improvement was completed in  September 2011 but initially opened for pedestrians only.  

Smarter Choices

Action Plan scheme SC1 progress with school travel plans in the area. Calthorpe Park School , Tavistock Infants School  and All Saints Junior School  benefit from the scheme