Transport Planning

Kings Road Fleet cycle route

Update 21 December 2012

Kings Road/ Albert Street  Northwest view towards Fleet Road

About the cycle route

The purpose of the scheme is to provide the following:

  • On-road advisory cycle routes along Kings Road, Kent Road and Avondale Road
  • Advanced cycle stop line at the Kings Road and Fleet Road  Junction
  • Cycle and pedestrian improvements at the Pondtails Junction
  • Uncontrolled crossings near Kent Road and the entrance to Oakley Park
  • A link for pedestrians and cyclists with Velmead Road.

Resurfacing of Kings Road in Fleet

Operation Resilience road resurfacing works were recently undertaken on King Road between Albert Street traffic lights and those at Pondtails. The treatment undertaken at this location was a micro asphalt thin surface treatment, completed as part of Hampshire County Councils 2012/13 surface treatments programme and carried out by our Highways Term Maintenance contractor Amey.

Following a site inspection in early December and subsequent discussions with the contractor it is confirmed that the finished treatment does not meet the necessary specification requirements of the contract and is defective and has therefore been rejected. Amey have accepted that the new surface does not meet contractual standards. The remedial works to rectify this will include the total removal of the surface, at the contractors expense, and an alternative surfacing material laid in its place.

This replacement work is weather dependant and now that we are in the winter months the site will be monitored to ensure it remains in a safe and suitable condition. We anticipate that these remedial works will be carried out in the Spring/Summer months of 2013.

In the meantime the road markings will be replaced along Kings Road. However, the lines associated with the new on road advisory cycle way will not be installed and the cycleway signing along Kings Road will also not be installed until we resurface the carriageway in 2013.

Kent Road and Avondale Road Cycle Routes

Caroway are aiming to complete the remaining road markings and traffic signs so that that the on road advisory routes on Kent Road and Avondale Road can be fully opened for use before Christmas.

Pondtails Junction

Caroway's works at the Pondtails Junction are complete.  The green British Telecom inspection cabinet located on the off-road cycle path at Pondtails junction will be relocated in the new year to the back of the footway.

Canal Bridge Northwest view towards Pontails Junction

Fleet Town Access Plan strategies

Pedestrian and Cycle

The routes along Kings Road, Kent Road and Avondale Road are part of Action Plan scheme PC9: Fleet Road to Norris Bridge.

PC15i and j provide uncontrolled pedestrian crossings in the vicinity of Kent Road and at the pedestrian entrance to Oakley Park. PC20 provision of a toucan phase at Pondtails junction.

Smarter Choices

Action Plan scheme SC1 progress with school travel plans in the area.

Traffic management and Highways

This strategy aims to reduce vehicular delays and applies to action Plan schemes TM2a Pondtail junction to Velmead Road and TM2c Fleet Road/ Kings Road/Albert Street junction.  

In both locations replacement of the existing traffic signal equipment with signal timings optimised has achieved increased highway capacity.