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Ringwood Town Access Plan

The Ringwood Town Access Plan has been developed by Hampshire County Council in partnership with New Forest District and its aim is to improve access to facilities and services within the town.

The Plan puts forward a set of proposals and schemes which aim to:

  • Improve accessibility throughout Ringwood by all sustainable modes of transport, notably walking, cycles and public transport;
  • Enhance Ringwood as an important centre to live, work and visit;
  • Support the local economy by providing improved transport infrastructure;
  • Promote social inclusion and access for all;
  • Integrate transport proposals with land use development, and
  • Reduce the adverse impact of traffic

Local residents and key stakeholders were given opportunities to tell us about local transport issues and concerns at a stakeholder consultation event. The information gathered has been used to develop the Ring TAP, which has now been formally adopted by New Forest District Council and adopted by Hampshire County council in a[pril 2011.  The Ring TAP puts forward a set of proposals and potential projects which aim to achieve:

  • Provide better pedestrian and cycle routes, crossing facilities and lighting to increase levels of accessibility by sustainable and healthier transport modes;
  • Reduce the negative impacts of vehicle movements in the Ringwood TAP area;
  • Provide measures and facilities to encourage the maximum use of public transport;
  • Develop and encourage alternative initiatives for travel change behaviour;
  • Support enhancements to Ringwood's pedestrian enviornment/ public realm, underpinning the future economic strength of the town centre
The adopted RingTAP includes a full list of local improvements, all of which are included in the Action Plan (Section 5) of the RingTAP.

Download the RingTAP

Ringwood Town Access Plan - Adopted version April 2011

Ringwood Town Access Plan - Consultation responses December 2010

We would like to thank all the residents, business and stakeholders that participated in developing the document.  The Plan will be reviewed and updated periodically to take iito account competed works and new priorities.

RingTAP Live Projects

The table below provedes an update on RingTAP projects that are currently being eeveloped. Last updated April 2011.

Action Plan reference

(refer to Section 5 of the Ringwood TAP)




Southampton Rd/Mansfield Road junction and Southampton Rd/The Close

(south of Mansfield Road)

Environmental and pedestrian enhancements.

See paragraph 2.15

Environmental and pedestrian enhancements to
Southampton Rd/The Close. To include a restricted parking zone and an even level surface with no kerbs to create a balance between pedestrians and motorised


Substantially complete


Clough’s Road

Footway improvement and provision where missing.

See paragraph 2.26

This will assist safe walking in this area, particularly as a route to/from the town centre from this residential area.

2010/11 Statutory Undertaker

Assessment and design underway.


Hightown Road

Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming in the form of build-outs with priority working for traffic to create an informal pedestrian crossing. This will assist the Castleman Way to Quomp pedestrian/cycle route.

Works substantially complete – permanent works outside school on Hightown Rd to follow in 2011/12.


Town Centre

Pedestrian Signing. See paragraph 1/15

Improve signing of pedestrian routes in the Town Centre from car parks to increase footfall through the town centre.

Design and implementation work scheduled for 2011/12.



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