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Transport Statements for Hampshire

A Transport Statement (TS) has been produced by Hampshire County Council for each of the 11 district and boroughs.

The 11 Transport Statements follow the same format with a transport strategy, developed from existing strategies and policies, together with a proposed schedule of transport improvements. However, individual statements reflect key local priorities, informed by engagement with districts and boroughs and public consultation.

The Executive Member for Environment and Transport approved the adoption of the 11 Transport Statements and Schedules of Transport Improvements on 11 September 2012.

Transport Statement Updates

Since adoption of the Statements in September 2012, the Schedule of Transport Improvements has been updated to reflect changes in the context of scheme development within each area, such as schemes being delivered, or changes to policy and local political and partner priorities. These changes have been subject to review by County Councillors at their Highways and Transport Workshops in Autumn 2013, prior to formal agreement to schedule updates.

In addition to these schedules, there have now been draft Strategic Transport Infrastructure Plans that have been developed for the identified growth areas of Fareham/ Gosport and Basingstoke. These set out strategic transport scheme priorities for these areas, and were endorsed by the Executive Member in October 2013:

An addendum note has been added to the text section of the Fareham, Gosport & Basingstoke & Deane Statements noting key points outlined in these plans.

Transport Statements and associated Schedule of Transport Improvements updated December 2013



East Hants





New Forest


Test Valley


Future updates of Transport Statements and Schedules of Transport Improvements

To respond to changes in the transport network and new local development, the Transport Statements and Schedules of Transport Improvements will be monitored as a ‘live document’ to ensure the County Council has a relevant and up to date strategy.

If you or your organisation have any suggestions for new schemes, amendments or corrections then please contact us via the email or postal address below.

Following this review, the changes to the Transport Statements and Schedules of Transport Improvements will be published on this website.

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