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Consultation on highway management policies

The consultation on two proposed policy documents which affect how the county’s highways are managed ran from 23 August 2013 to 6 October 2013.

What happens next

  • your comments will be considered and taken into account when these policy documents are reviewed by the Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment before being adopted

  • the policies are expected to be adopted early in 2014

  • we will not be able to respond individually to each survey form submitted but a report is expected to be published in early 2014 with a summary of the views received and our corresponding comments

Download documents

Highways Maintenance Management Plan

The County Council’s current Highways Maintenance Management Plan (HMMP), which sets out policy and procedure in relation to the maintenance and regulation of Hampshire’s highways, has been in existence for over 25 years. During this time minor modifications have taken place, usually in the form of updated or additional content reflecting changes to legislation or the County Council’s preferred methods of working.

The purpose of the proposed document is to provide a clear and concise policy document on Hampshire’s highway maintenance and regulation practices. The number of policies in the proposed HMMP has been rationalised, but the essence of the policy is unchanged. However, this presents an opportunity to enable members of the public and any interested group or organisation to comment on the County Council’s approach to highway maintenance and regulation.

Please note that many aspects of the document are based upon legislation, regulations and national codes of practice, which cannot be changed. The online survey form gives further information.

Traffic Management Policy Guidance

Traffic Management is the term used to describe how the County Council controls the use of the road network for the safe and efficient movement of traffic, which includes all road users. The proposed policy will determine the County Council’s approach to the use of measures such as speed limits, traffic signs, parking restrictions, pedestrian crossings and traffic calming.

This document differs from the Highways Maintenance Management Plan (HMMP) because it is largely a new set of policies. Much of the document is based upon legislation, regulations and national guidance. Whilst this means the principles behind some of the policies cannot be altered, the approach taken to the use of various traffic management measures can to some extent be determined by the County Council.


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