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Farnborough Queens Roundabout improvement scheme 2014

Updated 15 December 2014

Traffic management

Why are there lane closures when no visible work is taking place?

From November to December surveying and setting out works are being carried out. Although this may not be highly visible work a small number of site workers require access to the whole site for the whole day.

Intrusive works (such as excavation) will start in January 2015.

Lane closures

For the duration of the works, the roundabout and all of the approach roads will be reduced to one operating lane. This is to ensure the safety of road users, pedestrians and site workers, as well as enabling the delivery of the scheme by the autumn 2015 deadline.

There are no planned full road closures and no works are planned to take place at the weekends, although the lane closures will remain in place at the weekends

All lanes will be re-opened Christmas and New Year from 19 December to 5 January 2015.

Reducing congestion during construction

In order to minimise disruption, the County Council will erect signs to advise of alternative routes to road users who do not need to use Queens Roundabout (such as the A331 or A323/A327).

We are also looking at the traffic light sequencing at the Government House Road junction with Queensgate Road to see if they can be altered to reduce congestion.

We accept that the lane closures will cause congestion which will increase journey times, especially in peak hours. We have taken on board comments that we have received from our stakeholder group and enquiries received by email and phone. As a result, we are investigating every practical solution to reduce congestion and will be implementing the following:

  • Providing timely information and updates on the Dyer and Butler scheme website, which will help road users to plan their journeys effectively.

  • Dyer and Butler will engage with local businesses, residents and services to ensure specific needs are understood and how these can be best accommodated, where practically possible.

Key features

The features of the scheme include:

  • installation of traffic lights on all four approach roads to the roundabout
  • widening of the approach roads
  • improved pedestrian and cycle crossings
  • provision of pedestrian and cycle path facilities

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Background and context

Traffic at Queens Roundabout in Farnborough is often congested, particularly during peak travel periods. With proposed new commercial and residential developments nearby, traffic levels are set to increase. The improvement works at the Queens Roundabout is the first in a set of transport improvements in the coming years.

Financial contribution from the Department for Transport

The Queen’s roundabout scheme is valued at £5.725 million with a contribution of £4.034 million from the Department for Transport through the pinch point programme.

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