Roads and Transport

Hampshire Sustainable Transport Towns Project

This £4.1m project, funded by the Department for Transport (DfT) runs until March 2015. Itaims to encourage residents and workers in the six towns of Aldershot, Andover, Basingstoke, Farnborough, Fleet and Winchester to make greater use of sustainable travel modes in their everyday journeys.

If more people choose to make short journeys by local bus, rail, walking, cycling or car-sharing more of the time instead of by car, where a reasonable alternative exists, then this will help to:

  • reduce congestion at peak times on local roads as a result of fewer car trips per household.
  • reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, helping address the contribution of local transport to climate change, and to improve air quality.
  • improve health and general wellbeing as a result of more people building in physical activity into their daily travel routines.

Initiatives in progress at March 2013

  • The My Journey campaign, to encourage those living and working in the six towns to consider the full range of travel choices available to them for local journeys. An important part of this is the My Journey website - which offers journey planning information, project news, details of events and resources to download, such as cycle maps and leaflets.

  • setting up and growing Travel Plan Networks in four of the towns (Andover, Basingstoke, Farnborough and Winchester) to help employers to support more sustainable commuting habits, through measures such as providing travel information to staff (for example on car-sharing and fuel efficient driving techniques);

  • development of railway station travel plans that look to improve access to rail stations by sustainable forms of travel in partnership with South West Trains;

  • Provision of new bus departure information screens at Andover bus station and development of a smartphone application providing information on how bus services are running in real time and a new electronic travel information kiosk in The Malls in Basingstoke. During 2012, departure screens were installed at Basingstoke Bus Station and new kiosks with a departure screen at Aldershot Bus Station and Fleet town centre ;

  • Offering Personal Travel Planning information and advice to households in four of the six towns. Between May and July 2013, this will cover households in parts of south west Basingstoke and northern Winchester;

  • In partnership with cycling charity CTC, during the spring and summer of 2013, we are delivering a range of initiatives to encourage people who live in Basingstoke and Adnover to get cycling including low-cost cycle training, rides, cycle challenges and roadshow events. New cycle maps for Andover and Winchester are being published in spring 2013. Further information can be found on the My Journey website.

  • Improvements to the pedestrian and cycle network in western Fleet and the Weyhill Road area of Andover and improvements for pedestrians in the London Road area of Basingstoke

  • Providing support schools and colleges in all six towns to implement their travel plans, to help reduce congestion associated with the school run.

Although Hampshire County Council is leading on the delivery of the project, it is working with a range of project partners and specialists, including District Councils, cycling charity the CTC, Sustrans, local bus and rail operators and community groups.

Background and context

The Hampshire Sustainable Transport Towns (HSTT) Project comprises a package of 31 complementary measures spread between the six towns. Below is a copy of the bid that was submitted to the DfT in April 2011.

Submitted Bid (pdf download)

The bid was accepted by the DfT in July 2011 as one of 39 projects that received LSTF Tranche 1 funding. In January 2013, the County Council agreed with the DfT a revised grant profile, that has seen some grant carried over from the 2012/13 financial year into 2013/14. Delivery of some initiatives including cycle compounds at rail stations, and station travel plans in all six towns and real time bus improvements have been brought forward compared to the timetable set out in the original bid.

As part of the project, a number of transport improvements are being delivered or are planned in all six towns up to March 2015. These improvements will be supported by marketing and travel planning work to encourage residents and workers to consider making more use of sustainable forms of travel.