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Public consultation: pedestrian crossing improvements at Weyhill Road and The Avenue in Andover

  • Completed in 2014

New pedestrian refuge islands on Weyhill Road

Hampshire County Council is running a public consultation on a proposal to improve the pedestrian crossing facilities at the Weyhill Road junction with The Avenue, Andover.

The consultation closed on Friday 18 October 2013. Outcomes and next steps will be published here in early 2014.

To help people cross the road more safely, the proposal is to install two pedestrian refuge islands on Weyhill Road on either side of the junction with The Avenue.

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The proposal in detail

The junction has been assessed to ascertain whether the existing layout is adequate or whether alterations should be made to improve the movement of both vehicles and pedestrians.  

Upon consideration, the County Council has recommended that the junction remain as a priority T-junction, and that pedestrian crossing improvements are made to the existing layout.

The design layout proposed provides uncontrolled crossings on Weyhill Road using refuge islands at both sides of the junction with The Avenue.

The proposal is to reduce the width of carriageway so that pedestrians can cross in one movement or wait in the refuge if required to cross in two movements.  To facilitate the installation of the western island, the kerb line into the junction will require realigning to enable the width of the carriageway to be retained, thus, new carriageway construction is required.

An additional benefit is that the presence of a traffic island could also help reduce the speed of the traffic by a few miles per hour, and in addition it highlights that pedestrians are moving around within the area.  

The scheme is also aimed at improving the sense of security for vulnerable road users as well as working towards achieving the Andover Town Access Plan priorities of improving pedestrian infrastructure for functional trips (see below).

Exhibition of the plans

The plans were on display at the Test Valley Borough Council offices at Beech Hurst in Weyhill Road, Andover, SP10 3AJ from Monday 9 September to Friday 18 October 2013.

Background information


The B3402 Weyhill Road is one of the main radial routes linking to the town centre. It is flanked by residential and commercial properties and provides access to the Portway Industrial estate at its western end near the A342. In recent years a number of developments have taken place on the west side of Andover including a major distribution centre at the Andover Business Park on the former Andover Airfield site and the expansion of the Army Head Quarters site on Monxton Road.

The route is a cross town link and therefore locally important.  It is used for access to employment, schools, the railway station and the wider road network including the A303.  Using The Avenue saves vehicles entering the town centre when travelling from the east to west, north of the town centre and is particularly popular at peak travel times.

It is recognised that this junction is on the desire line for school children and other commuters walking to and from the railway station to local schools and places of work and should therefore be prioritised for improvements.  

Accident Statistics

There were no personal injury accidents recorded between 1st May 2007 and 31st January 2013 within the area of the proposed scheme. However, improved crossing facilities have been identified as a local priority and supported by the County Councillor.

Current Situation

Pedestrians crossing Weyhill Road to access The Avenue, and vice versa, reportedly experience difficulty in crossing the road safely due to the amount and perceived high speed  of  traffic (although mean speed is not above the posted limit 30mph, especially at peak periods).

Pedestrians crossing here include schoolchildren, both unaccompanied and with parents/carers, going to and from the nearby Rookwood School (which caters for children aged between 3 and 16 years of age) and the adjacent day nursery which also caters for younger children.  

Furthermore, school children and parents navigate this junction to gain access to the schools located within the Floral Estate.  Other schoolchildren and adults may also cross Weyhill Road here to catch bus services. The Avenue links to the railway station and traffic from this direction tends to arrive at the junction in groups or waves. This leads to a very uneven flow that can generate delay and longer queues at peak times. It also can make crossing the Weyhill Road more difficult until such peaks in flow have dispersed.

The County Council’s established criteria for installing a signal controlled crossing was not met at this location.  It is therefore the aim of this scheme to improve the pedestrian crossing facilities on Weyhill Road at its junction with The Avenue by means other than a controlled crossing.

Transport Planning

As part of the development of the Andover Town Access Plan (TAP), community street audits of key pedestrian routes were undertaken, including the Weyhill Road.

As a result, the need for the provision of a pedestrian crossing facility on Weyhill Road near the junction of The Avenue was highlighted and included in the TAP document.  It is worth noting that the Test Valley Transport Statement also refers to this issue and this document presents the latest Transport Strategy for the Test Valley in tandem with the Andover TAP.