Travel and Transport to School

Transport to church schools

Where children are attending the nearest church school, on denominational grounds, transport may be provided if:

The child has been baptised, or otherwise received into the denomination of the school.


The distance, measured by the nearest available walking route, between the home address and the school is more than:
2 miles – year R up to and including year 3
3 miles – year 4 up to and including year 11


The school is within the relevant maximum distance from the child’s home (measured by the most direct, practicable route):
6 miles – for primary aged children
10 miles – for secondary aged children

Acceptable evidence must be provided to show that the child has been baptised, or otherwise received into the denomination of the school. The evidence should be either a copy of the certificate of baptism or a letter from the parish priest.

Transport provision will normally be a public service season ticket however, where the school or parish arrange transport, a contribution may be paid to the organiser towards your child’s transport costs. If neither option is available alternative transport cannot be provided.

Cost of transport

From September 2007, Hampshire County Council has introduced an annual charge for children requiring  transport to a new denominational school.  Children attending the school prior to August 2007 will still receive free transport if they continue to meet the qualifying criteria.

The current charge will be £190 for the 2007/2008 academic year. This is equivalent to a daily charge of £1. Payment can be made either in full or by standing order for 11 monthly payments (Sept – July) of £17.27.

If a family has three or more children travelling to their nearest denominational schools and is subject to charges, a charge will be made for two children with the remaining child(ren) exempt from charges for as long as more than two children are travelling to a denominational school.


Parents will be exempt from the charge if they can provide evidence to show that:

  • their child is entitled to Free School Meals or

  • their family is in receipt of Income Support or Income Based Job Seekers Allowance or

  • their parent/legal guardian is in receipt of Pension Credit (guaranteed element) or

  • their family is in receipt of Child Tax Credit with an income below £14,495 (subject to annual review)

If a qualifying benefit ceases during the academic year free transport will continue to be provided until the end of that academic year.  Thereafter the charge will be payable.

Parents will be asked to provide payment or evidence of exemption for the start of each new academic year.

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