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Travel and Transport to School

Home to School Transport Policy- help with transport and travel to school


Non entitled Home to School Transport consultation


Help with transport to school

Your child will qualify for free transport or a free travel pass on public transport from near your home to and from primary school, or free transport or travel expenses on public transport from near your home to and from secondary school, if:

  • they attend the nearest catchment school or one that is nearer to your home, and
  • the distance (measured by the shortest available walking route) is: more than two miles for children up to and including Year 3 or more than three miles for children from Year 4 to Year 11,  
  • Where parents name the designated catchment school as one of their 3 preferences and a place is not available, assistance may be offered to the next closest school, using the distances in the previous paragraph.
  • Children entitled to free school meals or whose parents (with whom they live) are in receipt of the maximum level of working tax credit have enhanced entitlement.  See Section 2.5 of the Home to School Transport (HTST) Policy Microsoft Word 54kB for full details."  

Privilege seats

If your child does not qualify for travelling expenses, you may apply for him to be a 'privilege' passenger on school transport. This will depend on whether there are spare seats and only applies if the vehicle is contracted by Hampshire County Council to transport children. The privilege place can be withdrawn at short notice if it is needed for a child who qualifies for free transport.

There is a flat-rate charge for privilege seats which is the same for all children whatever their age or the distance travelled. If you receive income support, or income-based job seeker's allowance, you do not have to pay.

How parents can apply for assistance with transport

Mainstream Pupils (this means pupils without a statement of Special Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP))

Application forms are available from school or from the County Council's Passenger Transport Group.

The decision on whether a pupil is entitled to transport is made by the County Council.


Pupils with a statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) or Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

Parents need to contact the relevant Special Educational Needs (SEN) team for the area the school is in. The SEN service assesses the entitlement for pupils with a statement of SEN or Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP). (See also: Further information about home to school transport at Special Schools.)


In both cases the PTG makes the transport arrangements for entitled children. There are two sections, one for mainstream schools and one for special schools and units.

School transport contacts

The Passenger Transport Group, Environment Department, Winchester SO23 8UD

Mainstream - entitlements/arrangements (further details, forms, contacts)

Tel: 01962 846924, 01962 845332

SEN -entitlements/arrangements (further details, contacts)

Tel: 01962 846993 (North Team), 01962 845787 (South team) , 01962 845970 (West Team) (further details of teams in the north, south and west of the county)

School reorganisation or change of catchment area

The normal entitlement policy will apply to the children of families affected by the closure or reorganisation of schools, or redesignation of catchment areas by the County Council. This means that:

  • new pupils will have their entitlement decided with reference to the new school location/catchment area
  • existing pupils will have their entitlement re-assessed only if they have to move to a new school location. If they remain at the same school location, the existing entitlement decision will remain in force until they leave the school.
See also, Post 16 Transport Policy Statement 2016 Microsoft Word 81kB