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Dynamic Purchasing System FAQ's

Q1 If a question has a mandatory box to explain a 'yes answer' but my answer is no, do I have to put anything in the box?
A  As these boxes are mandatory you must put something, but this can be a no or n/a.

Q2  In the opening text of the questionnaire it states that unless expressly asked for, you do do not need to provide supporting documents, but Q22 asks for insurance documents to be uploaded?
A  This means we require insurance documents at the time of you submitting your questionnaire and not after the process.

Q3  When I return documents is it ok to do so in a PDF format.  I work on an apple mac system and sometimes it can't be read unless I do in a PDF format.
A  We prefer to receive documents in PDF format.

Q4  The Tender checklist and the four attachments that need signing, should I scan these and send back or send them as hard copies through the post?
A  Either of these approaches are fine with us.  We are also happy for you to save the documents to your system and fill in the forms via your computer and then upload via the project.  Electronic completion is fine.

Q5  If there is anything that I believe to have answered correctly and yet have not necessarily answered as you so wished, would I fail or would you give us the opportunity to re answer with further instruction from yourself?
A  If there is any question you do not understand you would need to let us know so that we can explain and then you can complete the questionnaire.  If an answer is answered incorrectly you could fail.  The DPS will however allow you to resubmit but this will not be straight away.