Travel and Transport to School

Retendering for school and social care transport using vehicles with a maximum of 16 passenger seats

All tendering will be carried out using the County Council's electronic system called In-tend. There will be no paper tendering.

In order to get onto the Dynamic Purchasing System you must reach a pass mark on an electronic quality questionnaire. The system will have a ‘gate opening’ system, meaning that if you are not successful the first time there will be other chances to pass.

Once the Dynamic Purchasing System is in place individual routes will be tendered via Mini Competitions and electronic auctions. The system will remain open to allow for new entrants to join the system during its lifetime.

Key Dates

Register on In-Tend

March 2012 onwards

Complete Indicative tender on In-Tend

21 May 2012 onwards

Notice to suppliers that they are on the Dynamic Purchasing System

September 2012

Business as usual activity from the closure of the Framework onwards under the Dynamic Purchasing System

From October 2012

Why are we introducing this system for services using vehicles with a maximum of 16 passenger seats?

  • Compliance with EU procurement directives.
  • Introduction of Electronic Tendering via e-mini competitions – ending all paper-based tendering.
  • Opportunity to optimize routes before retendering.
  • Reduce costs.
There is a

feedback questionnaire on In-Tend for you to make any comments that you may have. Please call for further details.