Travel and Transport to School

Retendering for school and social care transport using vehicles with a maximum of 16 passenger seats

All tendering will be carried out using the County Council's electronic system called In-tend. There will be no paper tendering.

In order to get onto the Dynamic Purchasing System for 16 seats and fewer, please register via the In-Tend system and search for the project code ET08659

Once the Dynamic Purchasing System is in place individual routes will be tendered via Mini Competitions, quick quotes and electronic auctions. The system will remain open to allow for new entrants to join at any time during its lifetime.  

Key Dates

DPS launch 1 August 2016

All new suppliers wishing to join can do so by submitting a Questionnaire via In-Tend from 2 August 2016 onwards

Duration of the DPS

1 August 2016 – 28 February 2022 with the option to extend in annual increments to 28 February 2027