Voluntary Services in Hampshire

Voluntary Services in Hampshire

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Community Action Hampshire

Community Action Hampshire (formerly Hampshire CCS) works to achieve a vibrant, healthy and strong voluntary sector and thriving, diverse and sustainable communities, providing specialist services, undertaking research & development, and engaging in a range of activities to strengthen and support voluntary and community action.

Voluntary Sector Training Opportunities

Training opportunities for individuals and organisations specialising in voluntary care from Age Concern Hampshire, Basingstoke Voluntary Services and Community Action Hampshire.

Local Councils of Community Services & Voluntary Services

Most larger towns and cities across the country have a Council of Community Service (CCS) or a Council of Voluntary Service (CVS) which aims to improve the quality of life for residents in the local area by supporting local voluntary activity and providing a range of services and facilities, particularly for older people, carers and people with disabilities. Hampshire is no exception and this page provides links to individual web pages for each local agency.

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