Waste and Recycling

Pro-Grow soil conditioner

Green garden waste is taken to one of three composting sites in the county, operated by Veolia Environmental Services.

The green waste is composted in long heaps called windrows for about 20 weeks. It is turned regularly to ensure it is it breaks down evenly. The finished product is Pro-Grow, a high quality soil conditioner that is available to buy at recycling centres.

Veolia has launched four new eco-friendly peat-free composts and soil conditioners, alongside the original Pro-Grow soil conditioner. They all complement and support plant or lawn growth by adding nutrients and creating an improved soil structure and root environment. The full range is:

  • soil conditioner
  • multi-purpose compost
  • barkchip
  • woodchip
  • lawn conditioner

They are suitable for everything from flower beds to hanging baskets.

Pro-Grow is on sale at all our recycling centres and online.

For more information about Pro-Grow or to discuss a bulk order, contact Veolia Environmental Services:

Pro Grow bag