Waste and Recycling

HWRC site regulations - know before you go

  • Site regulations

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  • Health and safety

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    • Children and animals must stay in the vehicle at all times. Be aware of vehicle movements and/or people moving bulky items.

    • Never throw items into a bin as staff may be working within it.

    • Take sensible precautions when moving and handling items, particularly if they are bulky and/or have sharp edges. Consider wearing sturdy footwear, sensible clothing, and gloves where appropriate.

    • Deliver and carry your waste in manageable loads to reduce the risk of manual handling injuries.

    • If you need guidance or assistance at any time, please ask the site staff.

  • Accessibility

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    • All sites are accessible for disabled persons, and most have a parking space set aside.

    • If you require any assistance for whatever reason whilst on site, please ask a member of the site staff who will be glad to help.