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Re-use of Council Copyright Material

Applying to re-use Hampshire County Council copyright material

You can apply to re-use content (text, pictures etc.) from this website or from other Hampshire County Council publications.

You may download the material featured on this website to file or printer for non-commercial research and private study. You will need a licence from us for any other form of re-use.

If you plan to use the material for non-profit purposes (other than for study or news reporting) you can easily apply for our standard "Click-Use" licence online.

To get a licence, first check the Terms of our standard Licence. If you qualify, you can then fill in the "Click-use" licence application form.

After you have submitted the form, you will receive a reference number  for your application.

You should receive a reply within five working days confirming your licence, or telling you if there is a problem (if, for example, we do not own the copyright on some of the information).