Corporate Web Standards

Page Length

  • Avoid lengthy pages - use short sentences and short focused paragraphs with appropriate headings and hyperlinks
  • When breaking down documents, it is important that individual pages are meaningful in isolation
  • Make use of bullet lists and number lists to aid quick visual content

When producing web pages from a lengthy document, information should be split down into appropriate chunks and linked together in a logical series.

The structure of the information must be provided in a way which will make sense to the user, with consistent navigation throughout and a link to the collection's index page.

Influences on this standard

UK Government Guidelines

Central Office of Information guidelines- writing content for the web
"Put the most important information first in links, titles, and phrases"

"Remove excess words and avoid big words where smaller more everyday words would do the same job"

"Make liberal use of bullet lists and numbered lists to aid quick visual scanning of content "

Web Accessibility Initiative

W3C Web Accessibility Initiative checklist
"Divide large blocks of information into more manageable groups where natural and appropriate."