Corporate Web Standards


Where Hampshire County Council is the majority funder of a partnership, sites must:

  • follow the Hantsweb corporate template
  • be part of the (Hantsweb) domain

Where Hampshire County Council is a non-majority funder of a partnership, sites are encouraged to:

  • follow the Hantsweb Partnership template
  • sit within the (Hantsweb) domain
  • if another URL is essential, this can be registered and redirected to the Hantsweb domain URL

Sites within the Web Publishing System (WPS) will only require a separate instance if either of the following conditions is met:

  • The organisation requiring the site is not majority funded by Hampshire County Council and consequently neither the Hantsweb nor Hantsweb Partnership template will be deployed.

  • Editors or authors are required who are not from trusted organisations. A trusted organisation is any with which Hampshire County Council is working in partnership.

Web page branding

Where Hampshire County Council is the majority funder of a project the web pages must be produced in corporate style and to corporate standards. If you would like to discuss this issue then please contact the Corporate Webmaster.

Any web site for which Hampshire County Council is providing partial funding must still meet accessibility standards, display the Hampshire County Council logo and have a link to Hantsweb.

Influences on this standard

Corporate Identity - agreed by CMT in September 2001

Corporate Identity

"The corporate identity plays a critical part in building and maintaining our brand. It is vital that everyone involved with it continues the consistent and quality application of the corporate identity and the brand...Compliance with the brand and corporate identity is compulsory"

Statement of Hantsweb Purpose, Vision and Principles - endorsed by CMT on 12 October 2005

Principle A:

"Hampshire County Council partnership content and services will de developed on Hantsweb. Partnerships will not build their own websites."

Principle C:

"Hantsweb must be one website built around standard templates. Hantsweb is much more than a collection of links to other websites. Hantsweb brings together diverse content and services into a single user experience."

Principle D:

"Hampshire County Council's involvement and prominence on Hantsweb will vary for different parts of the site.[...] Partners and other authorities can be part of Hantsweb whilst still applying their own identities."