Hampshire Cultural Trust

School visits to Westbury Manor Museum

Westbury Manor Museum welcomes young visitors to study our permanent local history displays and family-friendly timeline gallery, and to visit our regular changing exhibitions in the special exhibition area of the museum. Our Temporary Exhibitions often have specific linked sessions for schools.

First World War Commemorations

To accompany our special exhibition Soldiers’ Journey – From to home to war 1914 – 1918, which runs until 11 January 2015, we are offering the following sessions:

  • Hampshire’s War – The People’s Journey
    This session has been developed to compliment our exhibition Soldiers’ Journey – from home to war 1914 – 1918, which runs 11 October 2014 – 11 January 2015. Pupils will have the chance to use a range of historic sources to explore the past including photographs, artefacts and documents. The session also includes some time exploring the exhibition. For KS2, lasting 2 hours.

  • What are we remembering on Remembrance Day?
    Using Susan Varley’s book Badger’s Parting Gifts as a focus, this session has series of hands-on activities to help children understand the significance of Remembrance Day and explore ways of remembering. For KS1, lasting 1.5 hours. We recommend you extend your visit to 2 hours and spend time after your session visiting the exhibition.

  • Remembrance
    Pupils will receive a letter before their visit asking them to form a special Committee to help commemorate the people of Hampshire who died in the First World War as part of 2014’s centenary commemorations*. Through a series of activities, pupils will consider different types of commemoration and remembrance, from the traditional memorial to the contemporary wristband. For KS2, lasting 1.5 hours. We recommend you extend your visit to 2 hours and spend time after your session visiting the exhibition. *We can tailor your letter so it is more locally-focussed.

Led Sessions

Our Town Fareham KS1 & KS2

A KS1 or KS2 led session exploring the local history of Fareham.

Pupils will

  • Handle real historical objects
  • Examine and compare maps to see how the town has changed
  • Discover what photographs can reveal about the past
  • Investigate a local building using visible features and historical documents (census records) to find out about its history and the people who lived there
  • Present their findings to the rest of the class

Workhouse at Westbury (KS2)

Investigate life inside the workhouse with hands-on activities using photographs, sounds, objects and census records, including  Fareham’s own Union Workhouse. Discover what ingredients make up gruel, decide who you would allow through the door into the workhouse, and debate whether to shut the workhouse down!

Mini Museum Curator Training (KS2)

Mini Museum Curator Training (KS2)
A workshop to introduce pupils to the skills required to set up and run their own mini museum, using hands-on activities and real historical objects to investigate object care and conservation, labelling and display.

Self-led sessions

KS1 and KS2 self-led resources to help your class to investigate the museum and its' collections. Self-led resources are FREE, but MUST be booked in advance.

Museum Detectives Self-led (KS1)

A one-hour session with games, objects, costumes and trails helping your class to thoroughly explore and experience our new displays.

Museum Detectives Self-led (KS2)

A one and a half hour session using our resource box of hands-on activities and games, encouraging your pupils to use thinking skills.



  • £26 per hour per class of up to 35 children.
  • Led sessions normally last for two hours.


There is only one toilet available for pupils use, so please ensure your pupils use their school facilities prior to their visit.

While we don’t have a lunchroom, the garden is available during fine weather. Limited lunchroom facilities may be available for your visit, so please contact the Museum to discuss.

Our small Gift Shop has a range of postcards and gifts available at pocket money prices.