Hampshire Cultural Trust

View from Cams Shore, looking towards Fareham
by Hayter Kinch (1767-1844)

Cams Shore

Hayter Kinch was a true local artist. Born in Fareham in 1767, he lived in the town all of his life. His father was a local Wheelwright and although the young Hayter was apprenticed in this trade, by 1823 he was working as a professional artist. This painting shows a view from Cams shore looking towards Fareham. On the right is the Wharf at Upper Quay, with Lower Quay in the background. On the Left is the shore of Cams Hall and the small building may well be the Georgian bathing house. The artist was probably standing at the bridge over the Wallington by the Delme Arms to get this view of the creek.

Oils on canvas.