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Petersfield and East Hampshire

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1. Petersfield Horse Show 1912

Fareham and Hants Farmers Club 21st annual horse show, held at the Causeway. Petersfield on 29 August 1912.
J P Cribb; 1912; B/W;silent

2. Petersfield Heath Fair 1912

Silent footage of the towns traditional Taro Fair, held annually in October.
J P Cribb; 1912; B/W;silent

3. Earl of Selborne unveils statue of William III

The newly restored statue is unveiled in Petersfield Square on 3 September 1913.
Williamson Animated News; 1913; B/W; silent

4. Princess Beatrice visits Petersfield

The Princess attends the Bicentennial Bazaar at Churchers College on 13 December 1922.
J P Cribb; 1922; B/W; silent

5. Petersfield shopfronts

A sequence of footage featuring shops around the town on Empire Day 1919
J P Cribb; 1919; B/W; silent

6. Events of 1936

Amateur film extracts of life in Chalton during 1936.
D S Cole; 1936; B/W; silent

7. Chalton Movie News 1937

Extracts include preparations for the villages Coronation celebrations.
D S Cole; 1937; B/W; silent

8. Chalton Movie News 1938

Further local events captured on film by Mr Cole.
D S Cole; 1938; B/W; silent

9. Chalton Movie News January 1939

Harvesting, cricket and army manoeuvres feature in this glimpse of pre-war Chalton.
D S Cole; 1939; B/W; silent

10. Butser Hill

Amateur footage of Winter fun and games on the slopes of Butser.
Clifford Worley; 1937; B/W; silent

Film still showing Petersfield Heath Fair 1912