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Eastleigh and District Heritage

1. ABC Eastleigh

BBC South item with commentary by John Arlott 1963.
BBC South; 1963; B/W; Sound

2. Eastleigh Railworks

Professional silent footage depicting the Railworks in about 1925.
Film maker unknown; 1925; B/W; silent

3. Fox Hunt Meet at Fair Oak

Amateur fílm taken in the village during 1930.
Mrs E Fritchley; 1930; B/W; silent

4. Eastleigh Charter Celebrations

Footage of the ceremony marking the achievement of Borough status in 1936.
Film maker unknown; 1936; B/W; silent

5. Basque Refugee Camp at North Stoneham

4,000 child refugees from the Spanish Civil War arrive at North Stoneham during the Summer of 1937.
Rev. Harry Horton; 1937; B/W; silent]

6. Eastleigh Railworks in Wartime

official footage of wartime workers, including women, in the run up to D-Day 1944.
Southern Railway Film Unit; 1940s; B/W; silent

7. Eastleigh Victory Walk

Organised by W C Merrett and Tommy Green, this 1945 event celebrated the end of the War.
Film maker unknown; 1945; B/W; silent

8. Eastleigh Carnivals 1956-60

Amateur footage of this famous annual event in the town.
Derek Boggust; 1956-60; Colour; silent

9. Otterbourne Waterworks

Opening of the third installatíon of works in October 1960.
Southern Television; 1960; B/W; silent

10. Otterbourne Pumping Station

Short documentary showing the Waterworks in action during 1972.
University of Southampton; 1972; B/W; sound

11. ABC Silkstead

another in the BBC South series, this time with its original commentary missing, on a little-known historic site.
BBC South; 1963; B/W; silent

12. Southampton (Eastleigh) Airport

Empire Day, 23 May 1936.
Film maker unknown; 1936; Colour; silent

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