Wessex Film and Sound Archive

Portsmouth post-war reconstruction

1. The Builders

Amateur film by Don Reynolds of Portsmouth City Architects department, taken between 1957 and 1961, showing various public building works in Portsmouth during that period.
Don Reynolds; 1961; Colour; silent

2. Mild and Bitter

Another film by Don Reynolds, showing the difference between Plymouth, which went ahead and rebuilt soon after the War despite Government strictures, and Portsmouth, which did not.
Don Reynolds; 1963; Colour; silent

3. The Castle at Southsea

Extracts from Don Reynolds film of the restoration of Southsea Castle and its gardens, as part of the seafront public attractions.
Don Reynolds; 1963; Colour; silent

4. Polytechnic extension

Amateur film of new buildings being constructed for Portsmouth Polytechnic in 1968-70, as part of the citys expansion of higher education.
George Sloane; 1970; Colour; silent

5. Flathouse Quay

Footage of the Albert Johnson Quay development at Flathouse, using reclaimed land in 1969 to expand the commercial port activities of the city.
George Sloane; 1969; Colour; silent

6. M27 construction

City Engineering department footage of the motorway development in the late 1960s.
Portsmouth City Engineering Dept.; 1968; Colour; silent

7. Monstrosities

Amateur footage by George Sloane of the infamous Tricorn Centre and adjacent Charlotte Street Market.
George Sloane; l977; Colour; silent

Tricorn Centre, Portsmouth