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Southampton docks

1. Port of Destiny

The history, development and wartime role of Southampton Docks are described in this 1946 documentary fílm.
Carlyle Pictures Ltd.; 1946; B/W; sound

2. Woolston Floatíng Bridge

A short sequence depicting the tenth vessel to serve the route across the River Itchen.
Film-maker unknown; 1932; B/W; silent

3. Southampton New Docks

Amateur silent footage featuring the construction of the Western Docks in the early 1930s.
Dr. G H Johnson; c1931; B/W; silent

4. Opening of the Graving Dock

Amateur newsreel showing the official opening of the King George V Graving Dock by the King and Queen, on 26 July 1933
F B Heathcote-Wride; 1933; B/W; silent

5. Queen Marys Maiden Voyage

The famous ocean liner leaves Southampton on 27 May 1936, watched by tens of thousands of spectators.
Mrs D Campbell/Mr W Craven-Ellis, MP; 1936; B/W; silent

6. Southampton Docks

Amateur cine footage of the ocean liners Queen Mary, Berengaria, and Majestic at Southampton during the 1930s.
Film-maker unknown; 1930s; B/W; silent


1. ‘South Africa's Fruit via Southampton for Speed’ -

a professional silent film outlining Southampton's role as one of the country's major ports.
Southern Railway Film Unit; cl947; B/W; silent

2. ‘Cunarders at Southampton’ - documentary film

About the great Cunard liners, and featuring the newly opened Ocean Terminal.
Matthew Nathan; 1950; Colour; sound

3. ‘Aquitania Auction’

Silent footage of auction of goods from the liner 'Aquitania’ in 1950.
Fred Murley; 1950; B/W; silent

4. ‘Southampton Docks’

Documentary about the Docks in 1964, concentrating on the arrival, maintenance and departure of the ‘Windsor Castle’.
British Transport Films; 1964; Colour; sound

5. ‘Seamen's Strike 1966’

Silent colour footage of the unusually large number of ships docked at Southampton during the Seamen's strike of 1966.
Associated British Ports; 1966; Colour; silent

Film still of docks