Wessex Film and Sound Archive

Southampton Heritage

1. Tram Journey through Southampton

Early silent fílm depicting a tram journey from the Bargate through Above Bar at the beginning of the 20th century.
British Mutoscope & Bioscope Co.; c1900; B/W; silent

2. Hampshire Boy Scouts: Grand Rally at Southampton

Lord Baden-Powell attends a rally of 2,700 Boy Scouts at the Hampshire Cricket ground in 1912.
Empire Theatre, Southampton; 1912; B/W; silent

3. Hythe Ferry

Professional silent footage of a journey on the ferry "Hampton" from Southampton to Hythe in about 1926.
MrT W Percy; c1926; B/W; silent

4. Civic Centre Opening Ceremony

Amateur fílm of the Duke and Duchess of York opening Southampton Civic Centre in 1932.
Mrs D Campbell and W Craven-Ellis, MP; 1932; B/W; silent

5. Opening of the Graving Dock

Amateur newsreel showing the offícial opening of the King George V Graving Dock by the King and Queen, on 26 July 1933.
F B Heathcote-Wride; 1933; B/W; silent

6. Graving Dock

Amateur fílm shot from within the Royal Pavilion at the same ceremony.
Mrs D Campbell and W Craven-Ellis, MP; 1933; B/W; silent

7. Newsreel 1936 (extract)

Amateur newsreel including scenes of the "Queen Mary" at Southampton, prior to her maiden voyage.
C A Russell and Ken Craigie; 1936; B/W; silent

8. Queen Mary's maiden voyage

The famous liner leaves Southampton on 27 May 1936, watched by tens of thousands.
Mrs D Campbell and W Craven-Ellis, MP; 1936; B/W; silent

9. Queen Mary, Southampton

The liner in dry dock and sailing in Southampton Water in about 1936.
F B Heathcote-Wride; c1936; B/W; silent

10. Port of Achievement (extracts)

Documentary charting the role of Southampton Docks in World War Two.
Southern Railway Film Unit; cl947; B/W; sound

Trolley bus in Southampton