Wessex Film and Sound Archive

Nature and Wildlife

Central Southern England is full of wildlife and sites of outstanding natural beauty. This is reflected in our collections, in particular by two BBC Natural History Unit cameramen who filmed their local areas: Eric Ashby of the New Forest, and Ron Eastman (with his wife Rosemary) of Whitchurch. Marvellous scenes of badgers, kingfishers, deer, fish, foxes, woodlands, rivers and hills are captured in their films. Southern TV is represented by Oliver Kite and Jack Hargreaves.

Plants of all kinds are also represented in films like The Glory of the Garden (1982), based upon the magnificent gardens of Exbury, and those made by Frank and Nancy Bealing, who ran a nursery at Southampton and supplied flowers for the great ocean liners there. The Forestry Commission collection is also noteworthy.

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