Wessex Film and Sound Archive

Land Transport

There is no shortage of material on this topic, and WFSA has persuaded some railway enthusiasts to allow their films to be copied. Notable examples include Mr E Griffith, who filmed Southern Region steam trains in the 1960s, and Les White from Eastleigh. Other enthusiasts have deposited their railway films, notably Mr T Ferrers-Walker, active in the Basingstoke area during the 1960s.

An interesting film of a model railway in the 1930s is worthy of note: the Keeping Railway near Beaulieu, which was quite extensive, and large enough to ride on.

Professional films of railways have also been received, including copies of Southern Railway Film Unit items and British Transport Films. The latter collection includes a classic 1937 documentary The Way to the Sea about the electrification of the line from London to Portsmouth, with music by Benjamin Britten and script by W H Auden (the Night Mail team). Film documentaries concerning the Mid-Hants Railway (also known as 'the Watercress Line'), during and after its restoration, have also been deposited.

Buses, trucks and trams are also represented, with notable collections from the Aldershot & District Bus Interest Group and the Thornycroft Society.

On Line Video has deposited video copies of amateur films showing trams and buses in Southampton and Winchester, and there are numerous other examples of this kind of material amongst other collections.

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