Hampshire Cultural Trust

School visits to Bursledon Windmill

Bursledon Windmill welcomes young visitors. Although we are closed to the public during the week, we open by arrangement for schools who have booked a visit.

Bursledon is a working mill using wind energy to make stone-ground flour. There are only 15 windmills in Britain which work regularly and our mill is unique in Hampshire as it’s the only complete windmill remaining in the County.

As well as our tower windmill, we also have Chineham Barn, Hiltingbury Granary, a pond and grounds. By using all the buildings and features of our site, we’re able to support a wide range of classroom topics.


The Little Red Hen

KS1 Cross-curricular (Science, DT and others)

Little Red Hen wants to make some bread – but no-one wants to help! Find out how she does it in our hands-on session, where children investigate the grain chain through studying the life cycle of wheat from seed to harvest and having a go at threshing, winnowing and grinding the grain into flour. Meet the mice and rats who want to eat the grain and the owl who wants to eat them! Learn about wind power in the real setting of the windmill.

A two hour session led by an expert facilitator.

The Creaking Mill

KS1 Buildings

This session, designed to introduce KS1 pupils to buildings and the properties of their materials, explores the Bursledon Windmill site, focussing on the three very special buildings and their uses. Children explore the mill, the barn and the granary, carry out a mapping exercise, find out about human and animal use of the site, and ask historical and geographical questions, observing and recording their findings in a variety of ways. The fun includes a mouse hunt and a reading of ‘Five Eyes’ (about the mill cats) in the windmill itself!

A two hour session led by an expert facilitator.


Flour Power

KS2 Cross-curricular (Science, PSHE, DT and others)

Just how does a loaf of bread end up on our table? Explore the ‘grain chain’ and healthy eating through hands-on activities. Cover life processes and green plants through seeing the life cycle of wheat from seed to harvest. Understand energy in a real setting by having a go at threshing, winnowing and grinding wheat, with the emphasis on wind power for milling. Consider the properties of the materials used in the mill, barn and granary. Or focus on flour, healthy eating and calorie balance, or on a Celebrations theme at harvest time! Plenty of different options to suit your topic.

A two hour session led by an expert facilitator.


Bespoke and Seasonal Workshops

The windmill site is an inspiring venue which gives a fantastic focus for creative work. The education officers are happy to lead poetry and creative writing sessions, art workshops and music workshops using the windmill as a stimulus. Children can produce work for public display in the barn.

In the summer term, we run practical Minibeast workshops, utilising the different habitats on the site – meadow, pond, woodland, barn etc.

In September and October we invite schools to celebrate Harvest Festival with us and would welcome schools from differing cultural backgrounds meeting at the windmill to find out about each other’s celebrations.




School workshops are £85 for a 2 hour session for up to 34 children.

For more information or to book a session, contact  SEARCH in Gosport, tel 023 9250 1957.

Important Information

Hazard Information - to support risk assessment:

  • There is only one toilet and one wash basin on the windmill site at present.

  • Children will need to dress warmly outside of the summer months and wear non-slip footwear.

  • There is a pond on the site.